Best Way To Lose Belly Fat

11 Best Ways To Lose Body Fat Without Cardio In A Couple Months

11 Best Ways To Lose Body Fat Without Cardio In A Couple Months

11 Best Ways To Lose Body Fat Without Cardio In A Couple Months

Carb cutting? No more cheat meals? strength training? Stay tuned to learn about the different ways in which you can burn body fat without the dreadful cardio.

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Intro – 0:00
Say Goodbye to Carbs – 00:47
Stay Active – 01:32
Increase protein intake – 02:08
Cut back on saturated fats – 02:44
Switch Cardio With Strength Training Exercises – 03:30
Sleep Soundly – 04:10
Drink Healthy Beverages – 04:50
Load Up On Fiber – 05:26
Do Yoga – 06:06
Drink Black Coffee – 06:55
Multi Joint Workouts – 07:27


1. Say Goodbye To Carbs
Carb cutting is the first step anyone takes towards their weight loss journey. This means no more high carb foods like rice, bread, starchy vegetables and sweets. When you eat these foods, it turns into fat and gets stored until it is burned out through exercising or physical activities. You can eat them immediately after a heavy workout session to compensate for the lost glucose levels but in small quantities. In short, you have to watch your caloric intake like a hawk.

2. Stay Active
This doesn’t mean you have to do squats or push ups any chance you get. It just means that you can do some work around the house or pick up some moderate aerobic exercises. If you have an elevator, take the stairs! If you’ve been sitting down for too long, go out for a brisk stroll. Garden left unattended? Pick up the shovel and get in there!

3. Increase Protein Intake
Protein plays a major role in your weight loss journey. A high protein intake will boost metabolism and – most importantly – reduce appetite. Why does this happen?

4. Cut Back On Saturated Fats
Also known as unhealthy fats these include animal based products such as meats, starchy vegetables and sugar. These can also be packaged foods like potato chips, pastries, pizza and hamburgers. Did you know that all fats contain 9 calories per gram of fat? That’s more than twice the quantity present in carbs and protein.

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  1. Had my weight reduced & stomach gone waist line 32in frm happened in this Locked down had long walk twice in day..most important is sweating..❤

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