Best Way To Lose Belly Fat

3 Steps To Lose Chest Fat FAST

3 Steps To Lose Chest Fat FAST

3 Steps To Lose Chest Fat FAST

Discover the 3 best strategies to GET RID OF CHEST FAT fast! Having man boobs is something that feels very embarrassing for men, so start fixing it today!

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Having excess chest fat can make you feel very uncomfortable as a man, especially when you take your shirt off around other people. A lot of men will quickly assume that if they have a lot of chest fat they probably have a condition known as gynecomastia. And gynecomastia is a term used to describe the growth of a mans breast tissue which is typically caused by a hormonal imbalance such as having very high estrogen levels and very low testosterone levels. However gyno is usually not the actual cause of the excess chest fat or man boobs. Instead if you’re a man struggling with chest fat you most likely have something known as pseudogynecomastia which is simply increased fat deposits around your chest and most likely you also have some excess body fat in other areas as well. (1) Since everybody has different genes our bodies will preferentially store fat in different places. While women will USUALLY store more fat around their hips, and thighs men usually store it around their chest, belly and love handles. (2) And even though you may be unlucky if you’re more prone to storing fat around your chest, you’re very lucky that this is a totally fixable issue. And the very first step to fixing this issue is to decrease your overall body fat percentage. Unfortunately, no matter what anyone else tells you there isn’t one single exercise that can target your chest fat. There are exercises that can help build muscle and improve the shape and definition of your chest, which I’ll get into in a second, but there’s no way to spot reduce the fat that’s sitting on top of that chest muscle. However, even if your body prefers to store fat around your chest, by burning enough overall body fat you will burn off the chest fat as well. So most people will tell you to just create a calorie deficit by simply subtracting 500 calories per day. However, even if you’re eating less calories, but those calories are coming from sources that are processed or high in fat and sugar then you’re more likely to create insulin resistance, which will physically prevent fat loss, and instead of burning that extra 500 calories per day, your body will just slow down its metabolism to make up for those missing calories. So, instead of just tracking calories you’ll want to also know your macros, and this is very important, you’ll want to fill those macros with the fresh whole foods that you’ll find around the outside perimeter of your grocery store. These are foods that don’t come in a box, and they’re usually made out of just one ingredient like salmon, or rice, or eggs….To easily find out your macros you can click the link for the calculator below, but keep in mind as you lose weight and as your body adapts to the amount of calories you’re taking in your metabolism will slow down and you will have to readjust to keep losing weight. But a great way to prevent your metabolism from slowing down as much is to cycle your calories. One of the best ways to do that is by dropping your calories lower by let’s 30% from maintenance for two weeks, and then bring your calories back up to maintenance levels for two weeks. Research shows that this two weeks on two weeks off dieting approach leads to more fat loss, it’s more sustainable, and it’s less likely to result in metabolic slowdown. (3) There are other ways that you can cycle your calories too such as carb cycling where you would have high carb and low carb days, and you can also do something like an alternate day fast where you eat at maintenance one day and then eat under 500 calories the next day. All of these will help delay metabolic slowdown as you burn that chest fat. Now underneath that fat I’m sure you’re hoping to find some nice pecs. But to make that happen you have to follow step two which is to perform weight training. If you’re breaking down your muscles with weights your body is going to divert the calories and protein, carbs, and fats that you’re eating towards rebuilding your muscles which will….

(1) Pseudogynecomastia, manifests as fat deposition without glandular proliferation and occurs most frequently in obese men

(2) central obesity typical of men, the pear-shaped body fat distribution of many women

(3) Matador Study: 2 weeks on/ 2 weeks off is better than continuous calorie restriction

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  1. Grind grind grind, if you go to the gym and don't leave 101% of your energy and sweat 2 buckets then you waste a day.

  2. I don't have belly fat, only big feminine chest. Clothes don't fit me well and people often point that out. I'm tired of this, it really makes me uncomfortable. I've been exercising a lot and my bmi is around 20 but I still have brests…

  3. Now youre fking wrong here! Havin excess chest fat makes me feel super awesome and i want to get even fatter. I love fat people and i love eating good food. I never want to lose my fats, i hate healthy food and i hate the gym. I also hate these fitness ideals and other diarhea that is so IN nowadays.

    Gynecomastia fking rules, male titties all the way! F*** that fking fitness crap, hail to all the fat titties, big bellies and fat asses out there! Lets stay fat and f*** the rest!

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