Best Way To Lose Belly Fat

Cycling EVERYDAY For 30 Days

Cycling EVERYDAY For 30 Days

Cycling EVERYDAY For 30 Days

This is the 30 Day Cycling Challenge. I cycled every day for thirty days on an indoor cycle for a total of over 2000K, over 2 hours per day on average, with pretty great results in terms of body transformation, considering I was not holding back on my diet at all.

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Wide Lens – Sony 16-35mm F/4.0:
Gimbal – Zhiyun Crane 2 (Gimbal, Stabiliser):
Tripod – Vanguard Alta Pro:
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  1. This was great but I just wish you would have given us a side by side comparison so we could physically see your transformation at the end. But definitely job well done my friend.

  2. I been cycling for 1,5-2hours a day and doing also anaerobic training and jogging and walking for 1-4 hours for the last two weeks. I feel a little lighter. Progress is progressive some days when doing the more intense training I can loose 3-5kg of sweat iin a day.But you got to eat and drink fluids to keep your body dehydrated. Still going to do 2 week trading and then switch to cross training for a while.

  3. not really sure if this is cycling. the whole point of cycling is to cover physical distance not virtual distance in ur living room

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