Best Way To Lose Belly Fat

Get Attractive Tight Stomach Fast (No Sit-Ups) with the "Triple Threat" Standing Abdominal Drill

Get Attractive Tight Stomach Fast (No Sit-Ups) with the "Triple Threat" Standing Abdominal Drill

Get Attractive Tight Stomach Fast (No Sit-Ups) with the "Triple Threat" Standing Abdominal Drill

Get Attractive Tight Stomach Fast (No Sit-Ups) with the “Triple Threat” Standing Abdominal Drill

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Bob and Brad demonstrate a standing abdominal drill that will help you get a attractive tight stomach fast.

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Video for Best Way To Lose Belly Fat Without Sit Ups
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  1. When you did the first exercise and changed after thirty seconds you repeated the same side..
    Ireland here..

  2. I really appreciate the emphasis on keeping the core muscles pulled in. I Need to do that; my back is on its last legs, I think, if I don’t attend to these. And diet: that is really the hardest part for me. Your other videos are helpful with that. There’re plenty of other sources out here too, but recently I’ve been enjoying you two. You’re a great team and I thank you so, so much. Will try to buy some of your products when I can. You guys are great, wishing you all good things.

  3. Dunno if I’ll be able to hook up all those wall anchors and such. I can put my exercise bands around a table leg or doorknob, but not up high. But I can do it in our building fitness center, I think. Or a regular gym. These are Wonderful exercises, though. And as always, I’m left with a smile on my face after watching y’all.

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