Best Way To Lose Belly Fat

Get FLAT BELLY in 3 WEEKS at home// 11 Line Abs Workout

Get FLAT BELLY in 3 WEEKS at home// 11 Line Abs Workout

Get FLAT BELLY in 3 WEEKS at home// 11 Line Abs Workout

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👋🏻 Hi guys!
🔥 This exercise I spend 15 minutes a day, try to do 3 times each movement. Everyone can practice in free time, it doesn’t take long, you can also practice in bed
Wish you all success in your weight loss
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🍽 (My diet during 21 days)
Week 1:
Week 2:
Week 3:

Time line:
0:00 – Intro
0:04 – Day 1
0:38 – Day 2
1:13 – Day 3
1:55 – Day 4
2:33 – Day 5
3:13 – Day 6
3:58 – Day 7
4:44 – Day 8
5:37 – Day 9
6:30 – Day 10
7:13 – Day 11
7:56 – Day 12
8:35 – Day 13
9:16 – Day 14
10:03 – Day 15
10:52 – Day 16
11:42 – Day 17
12:31 – Day 18
13:24 – Day 19
14:18 – Day 20
15:05 – Day 21

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  1. Mình rất vui vì đã hoàn thành 21 ngày. Bài tập rất hiệu quả. Mặc dù cân nặng của mình không cải thiện nhưng thay vào đó eo và bụng thật sự siết lại trong nhỏ hơn.
    Cân nặng 50-> 48,7kg
    Eo 70-> 63-64
    Bụng 75-> 68-69
    I just fishished 21 days and this exercise really worked on me. Although My weight lost but just a little. However my belly and waist is squeeze smaller than before
    This is me result:
    Weight: 50->48,7 kg
    Belly: 75-> 68-69
    Waist: 70-> 63-64
    Note: just don’t give up, try your best you will get result you want
    while doing it, i ate less than before, i did not eat cake or junk food, sugar,…. i ate fruit and some foods i think it’s not harmful to me.

  2. Just finished day 5! I can already feel a difference in my stomach beginning to shred some fat. It’s worth it ladies, just don’t get discouraged by all the exercises 💀

  3. Did hipdips hurt anyone else's feet the next day really badly? How do you count one hipdip, I was counting one per both sides dipping?

  4. I've started today, gona count each day here and on my to-do list as a way to get more motivated to keep going!
    Day 1: done ✅

  5. So I have to do 1 exercise 30 Times, and the whole proces 3 Times, and do it once a Day? Do I have to do it like in some time? Like in morning after I wake up?

  6. Yesterday was the first day of exercise. It went well. Today I feel a little pain in my waist. The contract will be made daily until the 21st. but will try the food soil like I used to eat every day. I haven't eaten much anymore. Let's see. Will line 11 come😂?

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