Best Way To Lose Belly Fat

How to lose BELLY FAT | Step by Step Guide

How to lose BELLY FAT | Step by Step Guide

How to lose  BELLY FAT | Step by Step Guide

Learn how to get rid of that stubborn BELLY FAT by following these simple steps. I go over what works and what doesn’t’ work, myths, common mistakes that most people make when trying to lose their belly fat. This video is all about telling you the truth about getting rid of belly fat.

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  1. the only thing that worked for me is looking at what I eat, when I've started tracking everything wen't into calories deficit and lost like 7KG and belly, so, dieting worked for me

  2. Tracking Calories is the biggest bullshit out there.
    The only thing it gives to you is bad relationship to food. When you go out and eat in a resturant you never know how much calories the food has.

    Tracking and counting the food youre eating is the most unnatural way to eat.

    Here is a better way: Start to eat clean . You can eat what ever and how much you want as long it is natural and unprocessed food. I tried this , eat clean, cut the crap out of your diet and youre sixpack will show up soone! I promise

  3. here I am again, because of your emails for the Workout Launch. Thank you for stearing me to this video again. I'm going to have success yippppeeee yipppppeeee skippppeeeee

  4. About the calorie deficit thing: I know that if you are in a deficit forever, it can cause your body to adapt, and for you to lose health and performance as an athlete. What do you suggest for people who are trying to be a competitive athlete and also look good?

  5. Update: When I started exercising in mid Jan I was at 182lbs (!!) – that's 45 lbs above my ideal weight as I'm 5'4". Last week I was at 167 lbs. But then I went away for Spring Break with my daughter, a friend, and her little boy and I came back home to 170 lbs. But I'm feeling so much stronger, more energetic, and my body doesn't hurt like it was. My goal is to get to 155 lbs by summer. I think I can do it. I've been using my new toro bands!! Love them.

  6. This is a really well edited and scripted video Dave, you have come very far from your earliest videos. Great to see

  7. My opinion, diets are like fashion. They are popular and trendy for a very short time and offer no real value. Many can be harmful.

    Your message is spot on Dave and we’ll proven. It takes work and dedication to get there.

  8. I want to be a personal trainer in the future so I will be recommending my clients my fitness Pal and fitbit watch for steps, I'm in a deficit at the moment and I lost a stone in 5weeks, every week I change my weekly food and eat the same food everyday for that week, and I consume at least 4litres of water a day and do strength training five days a week and cardio session three times a week.

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