Best Way To Lose Belly Fat

How To Lose BELLY FAT Without EXERCISE [5 Easy Tips]

How To Lose BELLY FAT Without EXERCISE [5 Easy Tips]

How To Lose BELLY FAT Without EXERCISE [5 Easy Tips]


How To Lose BELLY FAT Without EXERCISE [5 Easy Tips]
If you’re trying to lose belly fat, focusing on ab workouts and core exercises won’t really help you achieve that goal. Instead, there are 5 easy things you can start doing now to lose belly fat without exercise.







0:00 Lose Belly Fat Without Exercise
0:26 Go To Bed Earlier
1:10 Monk Fruit And Stevia
1:47 Eat Protein First
2:40 High Glycemic Load Foods
3:33 Intermittent Fasting

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  1. I've read and watched other yt videos that state having keto(Bulletproof)coffee WILL break your IF. And it's due to the ghee or MCT oil you add to the coffee. Only acceptable coffee is plain black. This is true, right? The same with drinking bone broth, since it also has calories?

  2. Autumn thank you for your passion in health. Can you provide the link for Janette? I don't see it nor did it pop up as an option. I love your content.

  3. I eat my fast woth cream coffe is that good or shall I eat fish oil instead empty stomach? During my fast I drink ACV water woth cinnamon added

  4. O M G….WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE⁉️‼️You are wonderful and just what I need right now…subscribed immediately…thanks ❤️❣️‼️

  5. going to bed early? I have adhd, if I go to bed any earlier than when my head is nodding off, I will spend 3 hours lying in the dark thinking about rocks. or geopolitics. or both. and shutting down tech? I lie down, and open my phone and let it lull me to sleep

    have any advice for adhd people?

  6. Do you have any breastfeeding mamas as clients. I’m 8months postpartum after having 2 babies back to back (1yr old and 8 mth old) and I’m ready to show my body love again but I’m breastfeeding and I read that I should not detox. What would you suggest?

  7. I used to do 16:8 but now am doing 18:6.Is 18 hours that much better?I can sometimes go almost 20 hours but some days I feel like I’ll eat healthier if I don’t wait and wait til my eating window that’s only 4-6 hours

  8. As always, brilliant video Autumn! I so appreciate your expert and Trevor have a great weekend 😀

  9. i eat a t 5 pm for supper and then i dont eat again until 930 next morning would this be fasting ps only do through the week

  10. So simple! Thanks!! Now I need to walk more to get rid of all the tension that makes me grave silly stuff such as salt and/or sugar

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