Best Way To Lose Belly Fat

How to Lose Postmenopausal Weight

How to Lose Postmenopausal Weight

How to Lose Postmenopausal Weight

Can’t seem to lose weight after menopause? Here’s what you can do.

0:00 How to lose weight postmenopausal
1:25 Still can’t lose weight? Here’s why!
3:16 What to do for stubborn postmenopausal weight
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In this video, we’re going to talk about the best way to lose weight if you’re postmenopausal.

I’ve done many other videos on this topic where I cover five things:
1. Lower your carbs to less than 10 grams
2. Fast (one meal a day)
3. Add exercise (and long walks)
4. Get plenty of quality sleep
5. Avoid alcohol

What if you’re already doing all of these things, and you still can’t seem to lose enough weight?

First, let’s talk about the pituitary. The pituitary gland produces many different hormones. One hormone is called FSH—its purpose is to tell the ovaries to make estrogen.

However, after menopause, your ovaries no longer create estrogen. This means that FSH levels stay high because the ovaries do not send feedback to lower FSH.

FSH also happens to make fat. This is a big problem because it can make weight loss very difficult.

After menopause, your cortisol levels increase. This may also contribute to difficulty losing weight.

There are a couple of things you can do to prevent these issues:
1. Take Myo-inositol
2. Take royal jelly


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Thanks for watching. I hope this helps you lose that stubborn postmenopausal weight. I’ll see you in the next video.

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  1. Oh my! I dont care about the weight but I want to get rid if this horrible headaches Doc! Im pretty thin so I dont have that problem its the constant headaches! Help please!!!

  2. literally nothing works, I have been naturally in great shape all my adult life. now nothing works nothing.

  3. would love to see a deep dive into building body back from full hysterectomy hormone shock and dealing with the weight gain. Kick starting metabolism which seeems to have stopped

  4. Dr Berg can you do a video on kombucha? Does it take you out of ketosis? Is it considered alcohol if i ferment it longer to reduce sugar? I drink this to help my gut and with digesting and allergies but I’m hoping it doesn’t sabotage my ketosis?

  5. What about supplements like calcium? I used to have an hour glass figure and now am an apple. Yuck.

  6. Thank you. Just starting yet again today….. I have never been happier since my periods stopped at 55 (and had just about no menopausal symptoms either and never even seem to get sick – seen a doctor for 7 minutes in 15 years kind of never sick – luckiest woman in England in that sense)…… BUT I have put on weight, adore eating lots of food and it is hard to lose. I certainly find the video encouraging. I don't drink so that's no issue. I really have found in the past I have to get my eating down to about 1000 calories a day even to start to begin to lose any weight so all this sounds very sensible. Day 1 – doing fine so far, just had my cocoa with MCT oil. It worked in 2020 just as the pandemic was starting which derailed it all for me as the house became since then full to bursting, full time work, no peace, adult children all over the place. I should have stuck at it in summer 2020 but instead I ate what I wanted gorgeous huge bowls of brown basmati rice with wild rice and bacon, huge baked potatoes with butter, sardines on toast – one of my favourites – carbs central. Healthy and happy and fat. Today is the day I will change the last part of that….

  7. The struggle is real. I’ve given up wine and carbs and will lose 3 pounds and then I look at a carb and gain 5. It’s not fair ☹️

  8. This not ok when hypoglycemic. A plan designed by a doctor friend. Is basically the same and more realistic.

  9. Love you doctor berg you have a soothing voice and you never speak negative. Take care and thanks for all your info

  10. Thank you Dr. Berg. I have been doing it for 13 months now all your recommendations and I have lost 19lb. It is my new way of life. The benefits are amazing. 🙏

  11. I’ve heard so many times and also believe that a good night sleep is so important for many things including LOSS OF WEIGHT. After 14 yrs of menopause, I still wake up 6 to 7 times per night with hot flashes. How can I lose weight with this kind of disruptive sleep. TY…Exhausted.

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