Best Way To Lose Belly Fat

How to Lose That LAST Bit of STUBBORN FAT (6 best tips)

How to Lose That LAST Bit of STUBBORN FAT (6 best tips)

How to Lose That LAST Bit of STUBBORN FAT (6 best tips)

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  1. Yo! I decided to swerve the background music and just allow the video to be as long as it needed to be this time… hope you liked format but you can let me know either way. Enjoy and I'll see ya soon my friends xx

  2. The glasses make you look super cool. I wonder if it will have the same effect on me. Where did you get them joints?

  3. There is a chance you stop losing weight even at deficit. It's called plateau and happens if you start with bigger deficit and continue at deficit each and every single day for long period of time. In that way the body starts mechanizms who make you lack engergy and you cannot perform your workouts the way you want to, so you won't be able to burn the calories you wish. More simply said you become fatigued alongside all symptoms of lack of energy. That's why most trainers go for calories rotation like 5 days of the week in deficite and 2 days in surplus. You won't reach a distant goal with sprint. You need a marathon tempo. 5 steps forward, 2 backwards. Total of 7 you are 3 ahead, but without being exhausted of the sprint which will be maintained by how much – 1 ? 2 months ? And then plateau. The distant goal more often is more distant of 1 or 2 months. Stay strong. Stay healthy. Peace 🙂

  4. Exactly where i am at now that last bit of stubborn fat 5 mths and 2 weeks in to this diet. Motivation as hit a all time low but i will keep going thanks Joey. All the best.
    Working out 5 days a week probably doing to much more patience required.

  5. Thanks for this insight joe. I’m 5’7, 148 lbs and I can’t seem to lose that last bit of belly fat. I been eating 1500 cals per day and I feel like a ravenous dog I’m so hungry. I’ll take your advice and try 2000 cals per day to build more muscle which will then blast that belly fat under the belly button. “Diced to the socks” I like that one.

  6. Reeeeeally great proportions and insertions. I'm very jelly. Great videos btw man. I'm a new sub. Saw two boys and just knew this was a good channel.

  7. Your energy requirement only decreases if you lose muscle and or are less active. Granted if you lose 10lbs of fat, in theory your doing less work carrying around that 10lbs. But other than that, what usually happens is folks “slow down”. You can’t break the laws of thermodynamics

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