Best Way To Lose Belly Fat

How To Row With A Big Belly [THIS WORKS!!]

How To Row With A Big Belly [THIS WORKS!!]

How To Row With A Big Belly [THIS WORKS!!]

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Video for How To Lose Belly Fat Rowing
How To Lose Belly Fat Rowing youtube video content


  1. I started rowing in MAY a half hour a day 7 days a week until i wasnt able to use it for 3 days due to my basement being gutted. before they gutted my basement i had lost 9 pounds.
    Im used to getting results fast but it wasnt happening. I gained lt all back after those 3 days.
    I started rowing 7 days a week again and lost 2 pounds. I have my resistance at 10. Not seeing much results like im used to when i was doing pilates. Pilates makes me toner faster than the rowing machine. Everyone says its the best workout but i disagree. Ihave had my rowing machine 5 months and in total i had 5 days off. Now i have not lost any weight at all. I row until i can barely stand up and am still rowing an hour twice a day. I still see no results.. I row really fast, too. Ive been so sore i cannot sleep for the whole 5 months. Im not even getting toned. Usually if im getting really sore, i see results, doing pilates. this is the worst kind of excercise ive ever done. Please help me find why i cannot lose anymore weight at all. The rowing doesnt get easier. I sweat like crazy. I quit pilates because i hit a plateau. I was doing it more and more and it was getting too easy. But every article i read says rowing is the perfect workout. And im not eating junk anymore. I cant fiqure this out.

  2. Hey been watching your videos and this one hits the mark! I am big guy but not new to rowing just got lazy and not so healthy so I had to modify my form and I figured as long as I had no pain I was good and doing 10k daily some days it’s a struggle and other days I can’t wait. My splits are around 2:24 consistently and I know will improve with time. Thanks for all your tips and videos!

  3. Great video, but please don't worry about offending anyone. I'm here because I'm fat, I'm fully aware that I'm fat, and I'm watching this video because I want to be less fat.

    But this is great advice that is really helpful in class.

  4. Thank you! I was thinking that I had to keep my knees hella tight and felt I couldn't get that range cause of the belly. And would be a problem due to form.

  5. Outstanding tutorial. Former power lifter here that got fat. I have the same rower, just bought it. I row every day and I wish I did this sooner! Good tip on the straps my knees don't come inside my arms I have to open up a bit. I'm getting there.

  6. I don't take offence, get on with it. I row feet out all the time and sometimes with my feet planted on the floor either side.

  7. I know this is an older video but this is exactly what I needed! Thank you. We just set up our new rowing machine and, since I have over 100 lbs to lose I was struggling trying to get a good form while rowing.

  8. So you would rather someone learn poor form to get range of motion. Letting one's knees flare open is just bad technique! Why wouldn't you advocate for 1/2 or 3/4 slide and proper form?

  9. Love the info and energy you provide. Question – what about technique for on the water rowing since pulling in to the chest all the way would create an issue for tapping down and out? Would their stroke not be as long? Do they compensate by overreaching at the catch? TIA

  10. I'm trying to narrow that spread between my knees rowing on the water (sculling, specifically). I know you have on-water experience, too. Would you recommend widening the foot plates in the boat, if possible to help with that mobility?

    Also, do you have any stretches to open the hip flexors to increase mobility?

    Thank you!

  11. Your Chanel has been a great help for me and I don’t know how I missed this video before but I found it today, perfect timing as I was just feeling like my form was way off trying to keep my legs “correct” when I do have a big belly. I row tomorrow and I will try this out and see if it helps. I think I just needed “permission” to accommodate my belly. 🥸

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