Best Way To Lose Belly Fat

Is it possible not to lose fat in a caloric deficit?

Is it possible not to lose fat in a caloric deficit?

Is it possible not to lose fat in a caloric deficit?

Is it possible not to lose fat in a calorie deficit? No, If you’re in a calorie deficit it is impossible not to lose body fat. So, can you not lose weight as in scale weight in a calorie deficit? Yes. Learn more

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  1. And whilst not losing scale weight initially, with hormonal problems etc it’s much easier to fall off the wagon. It’s better to balance the hormones and lose fat, whichever way you want to go about it.

  2. I've been following the Agoge Diet for a couple of months and have built so much muscle. Just wanted to share for those feeling stuck with their muscle building.

  3. Shit. Im a massage therapist, so i burn while working. Mostly 4 hours a day. Waking up sore almost every day, not gaining strenght, im on calorie deficit almost every day. 1000, 1500..i burn 2000 per day.
    But no weight loss, 1m68, 58 kg. I want yo loose fat on hips, just done my menopause, im 49…
    Trying to exercise now, but with my muscles slready sire from work..Not easy.
    I do take whey supplements , bcaa, and all that to help my body ..
    I know 1 of my mistake is to work moslty 7/ 7 since years, i take 4 to 5 days of in a month…What to do?

  4. I am in a calorie deficit for the first time with no prior metabolic changes , for 2 months have seen no changes despite tracking all calories accurately

  5. Why and how do I stop that shit. Bro I’m working out so hard in the gym I’m sweating bullets and the scale just told me I just gained 4lbs. Why is my body not cooperating with me? Like bro im not trying to starve my self and come out skinny fat with no muscle Im trying to come out with some form of a nice physique. Do I have to drop my calorie deficit to 700? Cause im super confused rn

  6. So what if you ate 3k calories a day then 500 calories In a month will it just keep it as normal or does it keep losing weight until it gets to a slim enough body where it doesn't need more calories??

  7. I need help I’ve been working out in a calorie deficit for the past month and I’m still the same weight and the only progress I’ve seen is less man boobs any tips?

  8. I’ve been eating in a calorie deficit since March and my weight has stayed exactly the same. I’ve eaten really well all my life, and exercised a good amount, so I’m confused on how I’ve gained fat around my midsection. I’m eating about 1400 calories. Am I doing something wrong?

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