Best Way To Lose Belly Fat

Lose Hanging Lower Belly Fat | 7 Simple Exercises to Shrink Hanging Lower Belly Fat | HomeWorkout HD

Lose Hanging Lower Belly Fat | 7 Simple Exercises to Shrink Hanging Lower Belly Fat | HomeWorkout HD

Lose Hanging Lower Belly Fat | 7 Simple Exercises to Shrink Hanging Lower Belly Fat | HomeWorkout HD

Lose Hanging Lower Belly Fat | 7 Simple Exercises to Shrink Hanging Lower Belly Fat | Home Workout HD
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The lower belly are very difficult to tone because that’s where our body stores most of its excess fat. Especially for women, the h0rmone estrogen tends to retain fat in this area.

So we have designed a special exercises routine to help you lose lower belly fat to show off the body you’ve always dreamed of.

Exercises are🦾,
1. Flutter kicks- 15 reps
2. Crunch- 15 reps
3. Glute Bridge- 15 reps
4. Scissors- 15 reps
……(((Take 15 secs Rest)))……
5. Bicycle Crunch- 15 reps
6. Plank Hip Dip- 15 reps
7. Leg raise- 15 reps

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  1. I used to be a whopping 17st (238 lbs) I've lost the weight through eating better and getting outside more, walking instead of taking the bus and all that. But I didn't exercise enough, leaving me with hanging residual belly fat. It doesn't look nice and I always have to wear high waisted, as even though I lost 100lbs (too quickly I might add), I didn't tone my body as I did it.
    I don't know how to get rid of that hanging belly, and need exercises like these to tone my lower belly area. It's either that or I'm saving for 7 years to get a tummy tuck. 😭🤧

  2. Hi everyone, most of you have asked me about why i didn't show you an obese woman doing all these exercises…. Well, if i put someone obese trying so hard to do all the workouts, you guys'd say, "look at this! your workouts don't even work on your own models."😂 So the best you should do is forget about the shape of the models and try on working out. 😉

    Thank you so much for watching our videos and supporting us. Be with us and stay fit. All the Best!😍

  3. I was slightly concerned about the plank exercise, since I can’t really do a plank . And I have some back and hip issues , unless it can be modified. But most of these I could probably do with no problem. Gotta start sometime soon. I want my body back .

  4. If your body looks like the first picture, let me tell you something. If you try to do these exercises, you will probably not perform these sets with these reps. Especially the one that you lean to the right and to the left. I did 5 reps and I almost broke my back! So, overall, this is not a motivating video. It's not realistic and you will be disappointed in yourselves. Someone should create videos with people who actually try to work out and they are not in shape. Not some trainers performing their routine….

  5. If you complainers aren’t happy until you see a obese woman doing these, pls find an exercise that your comfortable with. I thank this person for even putting out these videos👍

  6. Why not use women with sagging abs to do the exercises. I have a sagging abdomen and I am a visual learner. I would like to see how easy/difficult it is for a person who has a sagging abdomen to do these exercises. That’s like showing full figured clothing on a petite model. It doesn’t show a realistic sense image

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