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Peloton Update + 12 Week Weight Loss Results

Peloton Update + 12 Week Weight Loss Results

Peloton Update + 12 Week Weight Loss Results

Today’s video is my 12 weeks weight loss update with using the Peloton. I have lost 7 pounds so far and have Completed 50 rides to date. They sent me an email reminding me of that and also mentioning that once you hit 100 rides they will send you a celebratory t-shirt. Also, according to their metrics, I have burned 2,800 kcals to date. I’m not sure how accurate that is as the only other data they have is my age, height, and weight. To track my progress in using the Eros smart scale.

How much of the initial cost have I recouped? 50 rides * per ride = ,750 + (*3=117) for 3 months membership = ,867 / 2245 = 83% of purchase price. Of course that is a moving figure as you still have to maintain their monthly fee to participate in their classes.

As Covid-19 becomes a greater disruptor of life as we once knew it, more people are choosing an at-home workout option and I feel the Peloton is gaining more traction with the ability to regain some sanity! According to their site, the ship times are an estimated 3-4 weeks out as compared to their original 1-2 weeks, however I have heard of some receiving their bike within a week of ordering. Also, upon delivery, they will now deliver your bike in a “hands off” fashion by dropping it off completely assembled at your doorstep, appropriately maintaining the social distancing requirements. The bike weights 135 pounds and the screen is also detachable if that helps you place it in your home.

In other news, Peloton also recently opened their brand new studio in NY and they are currently filming without riders in attendance, once again to maintain social distancing. They also released a new workout dance series that you can stream through their app, even if you do not own the bike, as long as you pay their monthly .99 subscription. There is a 90 day free trial period for those who are interested. The app includes yoga, meditation, strength, cycling, running and more.

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Scale from their site:

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Do you own the Peloton or a similar spin bike? What are your thoughts about the rise in popularity of at-home workouts due to the nature of Covid-19? I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy, the least we can do is stay home if possible. We have been sheltering in place for the past 3 weeks in my community. How is it in yours?

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