Best Way To Lose Belly Fat

Running Will Not Get Rid Of Your Belly Fat!

Running Will Not Get Rid Of Your Belly Fat!

Running Will Not Get Rid Of Your Belly Fat!

Today Sport Scientists Shona Hendricks, Devlin Eyden & Lindsey Parry discuss why only running is not going to help you manage your weight if you’re peri- or postmenopause.

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In this video:
00:00 Introduction
00:39 Why running alone is not enough
01:40 What nutrition factors are important
02:57 The role of strength training
03:18 It’s the type of strength training that matters
04:21 Cortisol and its role in weight management
05:06 Sleep Quality
06:44 Sleep Hygiene

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  1. What is the difference (in pace, maybe) between Easy Runs and Long Runs for somebody that is at peri and new to running? TIA

  2. nope. carbs lowering (not not as low as keto), IF and MAF/zone 2 HR training is doing it for me. yes, sleep, too, of course. but the nutrition part you didn't get right for me at all. "Normal" carb intake and HIIT made me actually slightly faster but fatter (luckily never to the point overfat as i correct the course before bad advice ruins my health). so this video is not for me. but otherwise great running content guys!

  3. Insulin is a hormone that tell your body to store weight. Insulin is released during eatting. To high of a eating frequency (too many snacks) leads to insulin resistance. Like any hormone your body builds a resistance to much exposure to a hormone.

    When you become insulin resistant your body has to produce more insulin for insulin to do its job which leads to weight gain. You cant lose weight if you are having insulin issues. Only way to become less insulin resistant is to employ intermitted fasting.

    Your bodies insulin levels can not stay high in a fasted state. Insulin must drop so your body can use all that fat thats been stored up for energy.

  4. Your solution to insulin resistance by eating carbs is ridiculous. Eating too many carbs causes insulin resistance.

  5. Great video!! I was in the best shape of my life in my mid 30s due to HIIT workouts with weights. Doing it with friends made it fun, and the food took care of itself… we looked at food more as the fuel that would power our workouts, instead of as calories we had to burn. It's a much healthier mindset, and better choices naturally followed. For example, we could have a candy bar after working out, or a smoothie with protein to help recover so we could smash our workout the next day. Sometimes we'd have both, because there was no guilt attached to food, and that was absolutely fine. I miss those days… I still eat mostly healthy, but I need to get weights back into my life and running! Sleep… well, that's a lifelong struggle.

  6. I appreciate y'all so much for the care and time you spend on issues related to menopause and running. These issues of calorie restriction and sleep disruption are both so key, and I wish I had known them much earlier.

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