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Love handles can be a side effect of excess body fat, especially fat in the area of your hips and lower abdomen. Increased activity and healthier eating can contribute to shrinking love handles as part of overall fat loss, but it’s important to remember to do this exercise morning or night it the depends the time you have.

Hip dips workout

Belly fat workout

Love handle workout

Full Body workout
Inner thigh workout

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  1. Wow today is the first I started doing these exercises and I enjoyed them ,and it's easier for me thanks very much my dear ,I feel much different in my body now , but what I need to know how many times a day should i do this and from what time to what time,and how many hours too,and I know that you mentioned the best thing to eat is fruits , vegetables and alot of water that's very good , but the fact that I don't have that much choice why because I'm on work and they don't buy that much vegetables and fruits for they worker,so I don't know what to do ,water is not a problem,but the food is at work ok ,so I'm asking you for some choices and advice on the food thanks,and I go on the page to see the videos that you send for Susan wambui to watch, and girl I cry so much when I see how you people touch the life of the childrens,old people and the needy God bless you all,if many people was doing what you all are doing this world would be a better place to live ,but some people is all for themselves and kids only, and life is not about self alone, because that doesn't go anywhere,we must all treat others the way we love for others to treat us if we was in there shoes ok ,and I know that God blessings is upon on you , your families and also the group that is doing this lovely work of God,it's always best to do all the good we can in life,and our generation behind us will always be continually bless as long as they live,I don't know you but I love you and your families for life always, because of the beautiful soul that you have, Love always and keep up the good work that you're doing,I just see your video last night August 16;,2022 and I started doing the exercises from today August 17 ,2022 ,and I will continue to see more of your videos, I'm a person that doesn't like to comments about anything, but you give me a reason to comment today ,love is what makes the world go around,and some people find time to complain about things that's not necessary,and the important once they don't see ,all because they are not in the spot, don't wait until you're in the spot to see other people needs ,seek a friend before you need a friend, someone did said that to me once and I was wondering what it means, until I ask and someone tell me what it means ok , life is very funny, and non of us knows what is around the corner waiting for us , because our plans is not always the plans that God as for us ,and God plans and timing is always the best,love is something if you give it away,it comes back to you from many different ways, and life is always funny,it always best to have love and live humble in life always πŸ’–β€οΈβ€οΈπŸ₯°β€οΈ

  2. Hi..I'm your new subscriber.. actually i was looking solution for loosened belly really it's miracle that i found this video …early mrng it's really tough for me to do as my kids ll getup as i getup can I do this after 10 o clk mrng…

  3. Lol I tried this didn't last upto 5minutes I was feeling so tired. But today I'm going in with full dedication and decipline
    You just got a new subscriber.

  4. Hi….new subscriber to your channel ….am so so very impressed and motivated to see your changes that have inspired me to start doing this exercise which am going to start today evening onwards…. can you pls let me know how many days it took you to loose this much of yours your belly fat and weight and what diet changes did you do ? Are you doing any other exercises too along with this 30 minutes workout? …thank you so much for inspiring people for starting caring for their good health ….. lots of best wishes from USA ❀

  5. And what time should be my last eating for the day , because I love to eat and I need to have control of myself,but I really need the help from others too ok please and thanks πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

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