Best Way To Lose Belly Fat

The Absolutely BEST Way to Get Rid Love Handles

The Absolutely BEST Way to Get Rid Love Handles

The Absolutely BEST Way to Get Rid Love Handles

Nobody loves love handles. Try these exercises to get rid of love handles fast.

SIDE PLANKS Tutorial: ▶️

0:00 Introduction: Get rid of love handles
0:20 What causes love handles?
1:57 How to get rid of love handles fast
2:27 #1 Side planks
3:19 #2 Bicycle crunches
4:28 #3 Russian twists
5:33 #4 Mountain climbers
6:18 #5 Woodchoppers
7:15 #6 Bulgarian bag
10:10 Check out my videos on how to do keto and intermittent fasting!

Today I’m going to share six effective exercises that get rid of love handles or a muffin top.

Love handles result from fat accumulation in the liver that spills off in and around the organs in your mid-section.

The primary cause of love handles is a diet that’s high in sugar and refined carbs. Sugar and refined carbs cause high insulin, which causes stored fat. But, stress and a lack of sleep also cause high insulin and lead to love handles.

To get rid of love handles, you need to get on a Healthy Keto diet, do intermittent fasting, lower your stress, improve your sleep, and start exercising. The exercises I’m going to share with you are intense and will focus on your core to get rid of love handles.

Exercises to get rid of love handles fast:
1. Side planks
2. Bicycle crunches
3. Russian twists
4. Mountain climbers
5. Woodchoppers
6. Bulgarian bag

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Thanks for watching! Try these fantastic exercises to get rid of love handles fast.

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  1. Many pros say training abs doesn’t work as you can’t control where the fat is being burnt…love handle is “first in, last out”… so who’s right ?

  2. Thanks so much for the information especially on how i have so much love handles n love the workouts too but not sure about the bag

  3. It would really help if you didn't have fitness models demonstrating the exercises. For an unfit person, it's counterproductive

  4. I found myself drinking red wine out of boredom every night. I believe it makes my insulin level spike and then I eat food before bed, which is super
    Bad for me and I'm used to fasting over night. So fast forward a few months, I have love handles and unexplained fat everywhere and finding it hard to stop but working on it. Vicious circle.

  5. When I did exercises for my love handles, they actually got bigger because the muscles underneath them got bigger. Even when my weight went down to 106 (I am 5'5" tall), I was skin and bone, but STILL had my love handles. So obviously, body shape is sometimes just genetic.

  6. I dont have a lot of love handles (they are more toned) but they really help me get the illusion of more full hips

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