Best Way To Lose Belly Fat

The Best Fasting Strategy For Your Belly Type

The Best Fasting Strategy For Your Belly Type

The Best Fasting Strategy For Your Belly Type

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  1. I begin my workout at 10 AM. If I only eat between 10 and six that means I’m beginning my work out after a 16 hour fast. Will I have energy to exercise after not eating for 16 hours?

  2. I got both A & B. 2 A's; 2B's. I don't drink, snack on chips & sweets. So what would be best for me? I'll snack on carbs, just not chips. A good sharp cheese. I do drink some sodas. But mainly kool aid( i have kids) and only with meals. I use 1/3 less than the recommended amount of sugar for the koolaid. I know my problem is/was lack of exercise. But the times I have & changed my eating habits. I'd only lose the typical 5 – 10 lbs. Then nothing more after. I want to get off the hbp meds. Be here for my kids.

  3. I started fasting 5 days ago 14:10 IF ,3 meals a day till 6pm I’m doing less than 2000 calories now ,before I never tracked my calories I even used to do 4000 a day ,it’s a blessing what IF can do to your mind and body ,now lost 1 kg and I’m not’s simply my new lifestyle

  4. Remember Dr. Oz came from the Oprah show and he couldn’t even help her with her weight loss journey. Why should anyone believe what he has to say. He continue to steals real doctors information as his own. Here is the proof.
    After watching this video you will see what a fraud Dr Oz is

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