Best Way To Lose Belly Fat

Weight loss during pregnancy- why I lost 26 pounds

Weight loss during pregnancy- why I lost 26 pounds

Weight loss during pregnancy- why I lost 26 pounds

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  1. Me too girl! It's crazy I got pregnant and all I crave is super healthy, clean food. It must be because the baby is needing vitamins and minerals. Fast food right now grosses me out.

  2. I’m pregnant for the 8th time. I have two girls and the rest boys. With my boys, I craved meat and savoury. With my girls, it was fruit and salads. Even with my boys though I couldn’t handle prepping raw meat without gagging.
    I lose weight every pregnancy in the first trimester and beginning of second and then start to gain with my average being about 30lb. This is usually baby, blood and fluid as by 6 weeks pp, it’s mostly gone. Only exception to this was my last pregnancy as I was taking meds ppl that made me gain weight so I didn’t go back down as low as I normally do. I’m about30-30lb heavier than I’d like to be and 9 weeks amd 2 days gone. Time will tell…

  3. I thought that something was wrong with me, I am 4 months pregnant and have lost about 25 lbs, from 175 to150. My previous pregnancies I gained anywhere from 50 to 80 pounds.
    This one is way different and I have been sick for the past 4 months and have not felt like eating anything. I would force my self to eat when my stomach growls but I'm literally forcing myself. Thank you for sharing I thought something was wrong with me. God bless you and your family

  4. I’m overweight or according to the bmi I’m lightly obese, I’m 1,71 m and weight 95 kg, I visited my gynecologist and she told me that it would be very good if I loose weight during pregnancy so I started researching and found many articles against loosing weight during pregnancy but thanks to God and you I found your video and it took my fear a little bit, my doctor said I should not worry, I have enough in store so my baby will not starve. So from now on I want to track my eating and I’m also very surprised with my pregnancy because I want healthy food and my appetite is almost gone. I just eat because I believe my child is hungry but not because I have the desire to, also I’m starting working out from now on. 😊 I’m happy that being pregnant doesn’t mean, we as women need to get fat and ugly but that we can still take care of ourselves while growing a baby 😊

  5. Possibly a thyroid problem during pregnancy ? I know that when it’s overactive u won’t gain a lot during pregnancy

  6. My mom when she was pregnant with us.. you could never tell she was pregnant until the very last month and that was the same with each pregnancy after she would give birth she would lose even more weight immediately and be severely underweight I think my mom is just cut from a different breed! Lol 😂 only woman I know that can have kids and be underweight after having us

  7. Same symptoms for me! And I’m having a girl, I’m just not hungry & if I do want something I want fruit & veggies. This makes me feel better😊

  8. 1-Didn’t have much appetite in pregnancy
    2-Oatmeal and Cherry breakfast
    3-Fish / meat for dinner (sardines), salads ( kale, spinach and vegetables)
    4- Felt stuffed so didn’t eat much.

  9. I'm not even trying to lose weight but I have literally no desire for food. I'll 'crave' something only to force myself to finish it. I've never had this and this is my fifth pregnancy (4th living child).

  10. I lost weight during my first pregnancy. Everything that happened to you, happened to me, except I hated eating healthy during that time which was such a shift compared to pre pregnancy 😭 This time around, I actually need to lose weight. So hopefully I do. The irony!

  11. I am almost three months pregnant and I don't have an appetite. No food makes me hungry. I am 105 is crazy. Well I was the same weight before getting pregnant, but my boobs are huge now. That's the only difference

  12. Lol my pregnancy is a double edged sword.. I have cravings for sugar. I won’t be sick all day but then if I give into my craving and have any sugar I’ll get sick as a dog but my appetite is smaller since being pregnant and the cravings normally aren’t there at all. But I normally ate healthy before the baby and now the only eat I don’t feel sick is if I eat healthy lol

  13. What did you eat exactly? Please can you explain! You looked amazing and I feel like it’s important to mention ❤️

  14. Im currently on week 16 of my second pregnancy and I’ve already gained like 10 lbs!! Idk how?!! I was throwing up everything during the first trimester, it’s like I’m breathing in fat! I need to lose weight though, I want a healthy pregnancy since my BMI is already 30 I don’t want to cause any risks when giving birth. I don’t crave sugar whatsoever. In fact, sugar makes me nauseous and so does any drink other than water with lemon. I’ll be staring to exercise now and try to eat healthy but I hope this is enough to help me have a healthy pregnancy. Wish me luck!

  15. When I was pregnant with my daughter I lost weight as well and I only wanted healthy food as well. Lots of vegtables!

  16. Great video thank you for the encouragement!! I recently found out I’m pregnant and I too all of sudden wanted healthy food!!

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