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😳What happened when I took Adderall For 1 Month {for my Adult ADHD}??

😳What happened when I took Adderall For 1 Month {for my Adult ADHD}??

😳What happened when I took Adderall For 1 Month {for my Adult ADHD}??

What happened when I took Adderall For 1 Month {for my Adult ADHD}??
For the longest time I was afraid to take Adderall to treat my Adult ADHD. In the past I didn’t use it wisely or as prescribed to be perfectly frank. But i knew I my mindset was in a safe place and I could tell I was ready to give Adderall a real chance. Watch this video for my insights and thoughts.

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A Few Of My Favorite (ADHD) Things:

FitBit Versa 2 (helps me stay on track!)
Amazon Echo (recently got it, and love the verbal aspect)

Bullet Journal Method:
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My Favorite Reads For ADHD and Inspiration!
Delivered from Distraction:
Driven to Distraction:
Change your Brain:
Healing ADD:
Feel Better Fast:
Youre A Badass:
Think and Grow Rich:
How To Be A Bawse (loved this one so much, I have pages of notes)

Suppliments I take!
The Genius Brand (Only tried 2 and love them so far)

Garden Of Life (My go to Vitamins)
Vitamin C

Carlson Fish Oil (My Go to Fish Oil)


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Video for How Much Weight Did You Lose On Adderall Xr
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  1. The crazy thing is ppl that take Adderall do not understand how alarming their behavior is. Adderall is horrible and should be outlawed. It's a high!

  2. There are many types of ADHD meds yes Adderall wasn't for you but don't give up!

  3. Thanks for the prayer! 🙏😇✝I love the idea you will begin to now end with one. – Awesome!!!!

  4. Love all your videos, as always you are so real and so awesome for our epic unicorn community (even though the times are tough and you have had a heck of a few hard years – you still gift us with your energy!) Thankyouuuuu 🙂

  5. 30 mgs to start out sounds like A LOT. I was on for a short period started me out at 10 mg/day. When I went to 20mg it felt like a little
    Too much

  6. First off I’m sorry about the loss of your parents. Thank you for your videos this is totally made ADHD inattentive type. Failed sixth grade, cannot finish or accomplish anything, social problems, 37 bottles of ketchup with a little bit left in them left in my refrigerator. Lol anyway I’ve never taken medication I’m not opposed to it, used some caffeine occasionally to help out. I’ve landed the perfect jobs for my condition. I am a utility locator by day going from job to job completing utility mark outs, and I am a cartoonist caricature artist where I draw quick drawings instead of laboring over paintings for weeks lol. I do have problems occasionally when I’m in a casino with impulsive gambling and lottery tickets I I am very impulsive with things.Keep up the good work.

  7. I did the same after my dad died. I thought it was something else bothering me. But the hole in my soul was still there after I solved what I thought was the problem. Your eye is ok????

  8. Is lip/cheek biting an ADHD trait? I do it all the time since I was a kid.. I will have a line going down my right inside cheek by an end of a stressful work week. I wish I could stop, i try but keep doing it.

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