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14 days on the Fast 800 diet – what to expect.

14 days on the Fast 800 diet – what to expect.

14 days on the Fast 800 diet – what to expect.

In this video, I decided to try the Fast 800 diet, as promoted by Dr. Michael Mosley, for 2 weeks.
Have a look to see how successful it was, how it made me feel, and see if it is something you should consider if you want to kickstart your weight loss.

Books referenced in the video are:

Arnold’s Bodybuilding For Men
by Arnold Schwarzenegger
Out of print but check out used copies online

Bigger Leaner Stronger
by Michael Matthews

Body For Life
by Bill Phillips

The Atkins Diet
by Dr. Atkins

The Fast Diet
by Dr. Michael Mosley

The Fast 800
by Michael Mosley

The Fast 800 Keto
by Michael Mosley

00:00 Introduction
00:44 Context
03:40 The Fast Diet
06:01 The plan!
08:29 5th day check in
11:41 10th day check in
13:05 15th day!
18:08 The results
20:18 Do I recommend it?
22:10 Before vs. After photos
23:32 Conclusion

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  1. Definitely a convenient time to do this during the cost of living crisis πŸ˜‚ I've had to stop buying takeaways and forced myself to stick to an eating plan. I'll definitely give this a try hahah I'm quite creative with food

  2. Thanks for sharing. Have lost 50 pounds in 2.5 years, have been stalling/plateau for a while. Will try this for the last 20-30 that I want to take off. Excited. You look great!

  3. ive have done this now for 3 months with some binge eating between also have drank whisky ( whoops ) and have lost 14kg

  4. Excellent results in 14 days πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

    A story if you like… Got covid in March 2020, recovered, ate a lot… From 1 Sep 2020 I started 22/2 keto… One meal a day, kept carbs to 20g or less. I did have 50ml of whisky and soda (daily) and Indian food out once a week (1 naan). On average the weight loss was 200g a day. I lost the 9kg and got to 70kg.

    Edit : the above plan also included 45 mins walk to gym and back, 1 hour of cross trainer… Cross trainer for fat burn and easy start as I recovered from long covid.

    I kept at it and got down to 65.4kg.

    I did a lot of personal research like doing a degree.

    I found MMs articles a bit weak until I saw his C4 3-part programme. I bought his fast 800 keto book and as a joke tried that for a week (no alcohol) and fair enough you lose 350 grams a day. MM is excellent and keeps articles in papers to a minimum.

    22/2 omad is easy enough to maintain, but it requires focus (an end goal), 2 years later I am still doing this.

    Btw each pound of body fat gives around 30cal of energy, but you have to be in ketosis.

    With summer beer and bbqs, weight comes back a bit, but the GO-TO 22/2 plan works, just get back onto that straight away.

    Fasting for more than 14 hours or so and upto 3 days gives you autophagy..
    That's more powerful than anything.

    The start for anyone is to overcome hunger, Gherlin – the hunger hormone.

    Thanks again for the great videos.

    Edit : I walked 54,000 (26.8 miles) steps last September between a 37 hour fast. Later this month doing 60,000 steps (30 miles) in a day. Its all easy, just numbers.

  5. Don’t get disappointed in the body fat %. Work out how many lbs or kilos the change represents and it is encouraging at the end of the 2 weeks you are multiplying a lower percentage against a lower body weight. You will see the fat loss is significant

  6. I tried the 800 diet I lost 5 kilos and than the weight stoped to lose I don’t know why … anyone have any idea or a solution

  7. Thanks for your informative and amusing video, I laughed out loud at the plasticine referral. I was a bit confused having read the 5.2 fast diet book but also having bought the Fast 800 at the same time so the information you have given has really helped me understand my way forward better. Fast 800 for a few weeks to get a good start and then onto 5.2. Well done on the weight loss πŸ™‚

  8. Oh no…..I was literally drinking water when you mentioned 'Plasticine in the sun'…nearly spit it all over my laptop! Thanks for your vid – informative and funny. I'm on Day 1 today, so fingers crosed

  9. Title is pretty misleading, if you are doing it on net calories you are not doing the Fast 800 diet. Still an interesting video though.

  10. omg, you are hilarious talking so fast πŸ™‚ had to replay; don't you think the net 800 is why weight loss slowed?

  11. I agree with Pauls views on this.

    Im in my 2nd month of his (The doctor fellowΒ΄s) old recomendation of 600 kcal 2 days a week (mondays and thrusdays). I do that and do strenght training so i dont loose alot of weight. But i have gone from 81,6 kg to 78,6 kg. Body fat from 25,6% to 22,3% And muscle mass from 71% to 74%.

    The trends are pointing in the right directions.
    I could probably have better results. But i do not eat very optimal Fridays and Saturdays. Its pretty much nom nom nom what ever i want.
    If you have the willpower not to, you could probably get even better results in two months.

    I no longer feel any intense hunger the two days i fast. I usually dont eat from 22:00 the day before until a small lunch at 13:00 the following day. Then a healthy low calorie dinner and then a small snack before my cut off time at 22:00 again.
    I skip breakfast to force the body to use the reserves. Some eat a small breakfast, but i get more hungry during the day if i do that.

  12. Great work. If you read the book fast excercise carefully Dr Mosley suggests exercise kind of creates false sensation and allows you to overeat during diet sessions. This is what exactly you said you did. Work out 400 calories and treat yourself with 600. But the point is you are not helping the body to get into ketosis mode to burn more fat. Had you excercised and still ate only allocated 200 calorie it would be the right approach.

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