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15 MIN. SLIM LEGS & ROUND BUTT WORKOUT – lose thigh fat | Mary Braun

15 MIN. SLIM LEGS & ROUND BUTT WORKOUT – lose thigh fat | Mary Braun

15 MIN. SLIM LEGS & ROUND BUTT WORKOUT – lose thigh fat | Mary Braun

Hey active Family!

Here we are again.
15 MIN. , no breaks to tone your legs and grow your bootyy.
The time passes so fast during these 15 Minutes and I really love the music in this one.

We can do this.
Remember, to grow your glutes a mind muscle connection is super important.
You need to focus on your glutes all the time during this workout, focus on every single inch in your booty and thighs and always squeeze and engage your booty as much as you can.
Look for my 2 Booty Activation Workouts to understand what I mean by saying MIND MUSCLE CONNECTION. The exercises focus on that.

Let’s do this.

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Lots of powerful love


Workout Equipment:

MUSIC by Epidemic Sound

Location: loftstudio14c

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  1. Can you show us. A modified version for sitting or laying down for people with disability in wheelchair? Thanks!

  2. worst workout ever only exclusive to skinny ppl u cant spot target fyi fake workout gl with ur views from young teens who think there gonna get "model legs" by doing this there not

  3. I haven’t worked out since maybe march of this year until today. This is a LEG BURNING workout. My legs freaking died on me, but damm that’s how you know it’s good. She pulled out all the good ones

  4. Gosh I was about to try this and I saw the socks over the leggings and —— no , thank you!!!! I can’t !!!! 🤣🤣🤣

  5. After the 1st workout my muscles burnt like HELL!!🔥🔥🔥🔥 I love the simplicity and the shortness. Great music, so much FUN!!! I can easily integrate it into my daily Life. Amazing. Thank You, Mary!!! I will definitely try the others, too! Super excitited for the results!💖💖💖love, Cat

  6. I can't believe these fitness channel still think that spot reducing fat is possible – it's impossible. To lose fat you need to eat in a calorie decific. Working out will only grow muscle

  7. I couldn’t stop shaking! I stopped after 12 mins cuz my legs couldn’t do one more step! Will keep doing it 🙏🏻

  8. i just tried it for the first time and i really felt the healthy burn in my thigh and butt and it is soo nice working out with you 🤍

  9. Thanks, Mary! After months of practice, this is a session I’m doing now with 2.5 lb ankle weights and no break.

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