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3 Weeks Training on Zwift… Progress Update!

3 Weeks Training on Zwift… Progress Update!

3 Weeks Training on Zwift… Progress Update!

In this video I go through week 3 of my 12 week training programme. 4 rides on Zwift and one gym session later and another week has passed. Progress has been good so far and the Zwift sessions have got progressive harder.

00:00 – Week 3
00:17 – Workouts This Week
01:11 – Workout 1 = Ham Sandwich
02:23 – Workout 2 = Novanta
03:34 – Workout 3 = Gym Session
04:44 – Workout 4 = Amalgam
09:47 – Workout 5 = Yellow Unicorn
14:17 – Weight Tracking & Progress
15:08 – Week 3 Totals & Progress
15:50 – Plan Totals

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PS. When I provide a link here to gear or equipment I sometimes get a kickback from it. But I NEVER link to something that I haven’t used or did use and didn’t like! 👍

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  1. Good thing i found your videos. I just started the build me up plan exactly 1 week after you, so your videos give me an idea of what’s coming up next. Im amazed you could squeeze in workouts in between, im barely able to hang on especially after the unicorns. Anyway looking forward to the next uploads. Cheers!

  2. It’s good to mix up starvation and carb rides as your body needs to learn how to process carbs when working out. My man is flying. Don’t neglect those core bike skills!

  3. Hi J, thanks for another inspirational vid, really interesting to see how your getting on. I to have started the same training plan although our FTP’s are vastly different. Just one thing, I’ve never heard anyone mention ERG mode and distance in the same breath. Can you tell me why distance travelled is effected when ERG mode is on, and what the effect is? Do you travel further or less miles/km?

  4. Brilliant as usual, so informative and you've inspired me to start the same workout. We're very similar, I'm 73kg, 289FTP and 3.96W/KG. When I last did a structured training package (Single Track Slayer) I actually put weight on. I'd me happy with a higher FTP with a touch more weight, don't want to be going over the dreaded 4W/KG and racing A league 👀🤮

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