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5 Protein Mistakes Causing You To GAIN Weight [Protein For Weight Loss]

5 Protein Mistakes Causing You To GAIN Weight [Protein For Weight Loss]

5 Protein Mistakes Causing You To GAIN Weight [Protein For Weight Loss]


5 Protein Mistakes Causing You To GAIN Weight [Protein For Weight Loss]
Today, we’re diving into 5 common protein for weight loss mistakes that you didn’t know you were making. If you’re eating protein to help you achieve a weight loss goal, you want to make sure you’re doing it the RIGHT way. Avoid these common protein for weight loss mistakes!








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  1. thank you for this video, i am loosing weight and i struggle to eat enough protein through the day.
    this was very helpful.

  2. I remember reading somewhere that older folk especially 70+ require the same amount of protein in their diet as a growing teen!

  3. I just read in Dr Jason Fungs Obesity Code that whey protein powders cause insulin spikes? Suggestions ? I love my smoothies but don’t need insulin spikes as I’m sure I’m insulin resistant and carry belly fat! 😖

  4. This is really hard to do as a vegan. Basically it's going to be nuts & beans. Racking up lots of calories just to get high protein which in turn is making me gain weight.

  5. I have lactose intolerance. I recently tried hydrolized whey which didn’t irritate my stomach but it would result in constipation. Any protein shake recommendation for people with lactose intolerance and IBS?

  6. WHY do the recommendations in the USA involve metric measures??? Ounces per pound is our language! I can do the conversion, but, it just adds time.

  7. I have been trying to meet my daily protein needs by adding smoothies with Greek yogurt and cheese but I think dairy is stalling my weight loss. I am very carb sensitive. What could I eat to get my weight loss moving again? I do eat meats and hard boiled eggs.

  8. Great info, like your no nonsense facts based approach so subscribed looking forward to going through your other content.

  9. I do IF, carnivore OMAD. I’m 7-10 lbs off my target weight, having lost 90 lbs. I just can’t shift that last bit. I’m good with the protein and very low carb. I love my diet. But this last bit of weight loss is soooo stubborn!!

  10. The one thing I have noticed is that I though I was getting enough protein but I wasn't. So the first thing I did is I made a spreadsheet that calculates the protein count so that I can know how much protein that I get in a meal. I used the information from Johns Hopkins Medicine. It helps when planning meals.

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