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5 Reasons Why Walking Is Great For Weight Loss. Walk Your Fat Off.

5 Reasons Why Walking Is Great For Weight Loss. Walk Your Fat Off.

5 Reasons Why Walking Is Great For Weight Loss. Walk Your Fat Off.

Here are 5 reasons why walking is great for weight loss.

It burns 100cals per mile approx. (same as running)

Preserves lean muscle mass which increases calorie burn. Calorie restriction alone will lose muscle as well as fat

Reduces cortisol, the stress hormone.

Improves your mood. If you enjoy doing what you’re doing, you’re more likely to keep doing it. Those that beat themselves up with high intensity workouts tend to quit

It is free, easy to access, suitable for all levels of fitness

If you’re looking to lose a few pounds of body fat then in this video I’m going to spend a few minutes telling you why walking is one of the best, most effective activities you can do to help you achieve those weight loss goals.

Many people think that to get the fat off requires high intensity cardio work and this can help but what is often overlooked is ability of simple walking to burn fat.

In this video I will give you 5 reasons why walking is great for fat loss and will help you to literally Walk Your Fat Off.


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  1. you do not loose muscle by walking. You do not loose muscle by dieting. Fat stores on your body are like stored energy. Muscle only looses muscle if you don't use the muscles.

  2. Had the same conversation with my doctor. He would not due hernia surgery on me until I lost my over abundance of visceral fat. He told me to walk 16,000 steps a day and consume 1,200 calories a day. No red meat. Nothing white. I did just as he said and I lost 20 pounds in 4.5 months. Walking is a visceral fat killer. I think walking is the SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT EXERCISE ever.

  3. Is it still beneficial to walk slowly if walking fast isn't an option? Say, for a knee injury? Does it still burn fat if you're walking slower?

  4. I have been sedentary for many years due to 19 surgeries and chronic illnesses. Last week I started walking to the end of my road and back 3 times a day . And I started eating good . I have lost 6 pounds in 6 days and I feel soooo good !!!! I feel like I am high on life . Best therapy for depression as well

  5. On July 5th I started Waling over 10,000 5 days a week!! I arrive to work an hour earlier and walk 2 miles before work:-))))

  6. I walk currently because I'm 40lbs too heavy to consider running. I used to love running, so I hope to lose a few lbs and then graduate back to running, HIIT sprints particularly. Right now I use a treadmill on 4% incline for 20-30 mins, if I fancy a change, I get on the elliptical for a bit, or rower, so I'm doing some cardio for 30 mins in total every day. Keeping it low impact is what I need right now because of chronic pain issues from a previous illness, if I go too hard too soon, I exhaust myself and that stops me from doing it consistently. Better to walk consistently than run once in a while!

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