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body recomposition: how i'm losing fat and gaining muscle | workout tips, what i eat in a day

body recomposition: how i'm losing fat and gaining muscle | workout tips, what i eat in a day

body recomposition: how i'm losing fat and gaining muscle | workout tips, what i eat in a day

body recomposition: how i’m losing fat and gaining muscle | workout tips, what i eat in a day

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how i build & maintain my body | tips for muscle growth, healthy fat loss & maintenance

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  1. Boxing with high protein diet Wheww you will see the changes quicker especially if your diet is on target

  2. I need help..I was 546 pounds am down to 234 pounds..I don't want to lose what to build more .but I can eat stomach don't like..I don't eat red I have my protein drink. What do I do

  3. I just rrstarted my fitness routine and I have been at it for 1 month and haven't lost a pound. But my body is changing and the pictures I have taken have helped me see that it is working but building muscle and shaping my body. You perfectly put it. Thank you

  4. I've always made the mistake of going to the extreme with gym + fat loss. It's been around a year where I've been on and off, at first I tried the 75 soft challenge with a paid nutrition + workout programme- it was terrible. The PT never considered that my stamina was low as it was around the time we were still in lockdown, and gyms were just opening up. She included so much, weightlifting, HITT and cardio all in one session. It used to take me 2hrs to 2.5 hours to complete. And I never lost any weight or fat/ my body just became really straight, my thighs, my butt just got really small. I think stress and lack of sleep added to it also as I went to the gym at 4am, as I can't focus in a busy gym. It's was interesting and quite scary to see, I think I lost muscle instead of fat. As I have a lot of muscle in my thighs and butt combined with fat. So, I stopped that, I was eating around 2,300kcal a day as I was working out a lot.

    Then I switched to trying to lose as much weight as possible on a extreme deficit, I dropped weight but it was muscle again- not my body fat. Which I want to lower so my muscles is more defined. I've been going to the gym on and off since I was 16-17, so I've just got muscles hiding under fat.
    Now, I'm realising my mistake once more and trying to lose body fat in a more sustainable way. I just hope it works, my aim is to go the gym 5x a week for around 40mins, sometimes 60 minutes, I eat around 1,636kcal a day so I'm still in a deficit. I just find that I struggle to eat protein, and can over do sugar and carbs. I barely walk as I work from home, and I don't enjoy it, on average I can't go gym 2x a day because going makes me anxious, I enjoy working out- I don't enjoy the people. I just want to finally drop my body fat, I wonder if teaching myself to go slower, be more sustainable and considerate of myself in the process will help me. Because I did a lot of things at the expense of myself.

  5. It’s really scary when u lose alot of weight and now trying to build muscle . In the beginning stages u don’t see the muscle gain but u see the numbers on the scale go up. Just praying it’s muscle and not fat .

  6. Thank you for this video because I was mad yesterday because I’m running and lifting Wright and I went to weight myself I see I gain way but I figured it was muscle fat

  7. Heya! Great vid. So with recomp. Would you say generally that even if you are eating normally it’s a bit of a defecit or would you say your eating in a bit of a surplus ? Because I’m not sure what’s prioritised- eating more to gain muscle or eating less to slim down . Thanks !

  8. Hi so I’ve been trying out body recomposition for almost 2 months now. Body fat % is around 27% so my main goal is to lose fat (I have mainly some belly fat) as well as gain some muscle. I’m eating at a caloric deficit of 300-400 and I have lost 4 pounds. I’ve been training legs, glutes, abs and arms In the gym with weights. But I’ve gained muscle in my arms and legs but my butt seems to have lost a whole inch even though I lift heavy and I’m consistent with workouts. I’m also eating enough protein My question is am I losing muscle or butt fat?
    Any help is appreciated thanks.

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