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Calorie Counting vs Keto Diet for Weight Loss (which one ACTUALLY WORKS)

Calorie Counting vs Keto Diet for Weight Loss (which one ACTUALLY WORKS)

Calorie Counting vs Keto Diet for Weight Loss (which one ACTUALLY WORKS)

The #ketogenic diet works well for #weightloss…in the short term. If you are struggling with a weight loss plateau and eating keto you might benefit greatly from tracking your #calories. Many keto friendly foods are also low calorie dense ie. leafy greens, lettuce, spinach, cauliflower, broccoli…etc. HOWEVER, most of the food consumed on the ketogenic diet is high in fat and therefore high calorie dense. It’s very easy to eat 5,000 calories plus per day keto and not feel overly full. This must be taken into consideration if your goal is long term fitness and weight loss. Hope this helps!

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  1. What is a calorie? Simple, just a measure of heat. But dose your body really "burn" that calorie? Or our body is more complex than that? And it's more things involved in just measuring the heat from a macronutrient? Do you think that 500calories of cola are equal to 500calories of boiled eggs? If yes, go eat a pice of wood, you will have your weekly dose of calories for a week from 1 pice of wood. It's using the same method of calorie measurment as for foods. But if you doubt, you will probably understand that our body is more complexed than that.
    Don't count calories, because it's not an exact way of measurment of how much energy your body needs, instead focus on the food you are puting in you, the way this is affecting your system, and what negative or beneficial impact can have on you.
    The simple way to lose weight it's to eat only enough vitamins and nutrients your body needs. If you are fat, you don't have to worry about energy, the fat is your storage energy, your body it's using when it don't take it from the food you eat. It's that simple.

  2. Im doing keto at the min, my calories are 600,i started off at 1500, im not active, i wasn't loosing weight, i kept lowering them till i saw a difference, i have salmon, sweet peppers, cherry tomatoes, onion & lettuce, ive been doin this for months & it's the only thing that works for me, i lost 34lbs in 4 months, ive been doin keto on & off for 9 months, with breaks, i took 2 months off & gained 14lbs, started bk 23rd November, ive lost 14lbs, i need to loose 10lbs to get to my ideal weight, i also do omad, my plate is always full, but once i get to my ideal weight, i just want to go low carb & not have to weigh everything & add potatoes

  3. Finally some common sense ! Keto carnivore screwed up my hormones so bad ! Eat real food stay away from processed food and enjoy life ! I’m at my goal weight now at 54 years old ! Stronger healthier but NO CARB RESTRICTIONS !

  4. just started counting calories last week. i have tried keto, no carbs, water diet none owrks for me, Still fat. haha.. so far I love counting calories I still to get to eat my favorite food only lesser

  5. A scale is almost necessary. Estimating the amount of a food you are eating is error prone and leads to disapointing results.

  6. In keto diet, i lost almost 9kls in just 1 month! Strictly no sugars, carbs only meats, eggs veg and coffee.

  7. I agree. Just reach for healthier option. And count your calories. I always new it was about calories. Then all these fad diets came out and totally messed up my mind. Tried keto for 3 months only lost 😞 5 pounds. To me I was missing out on the foods that God created to eat. Now I am just teaching myself how to eat healthy. I really love what I have learned through all these diets Ive been on. But now. Just eating healthy and counting my calories because on I still need to loose 40 pounds.

  8. I love your simple, brutal honesty in this video. It's frank, truthful advice and I needed to hear those words. I am going to start diligently counting every calorie. Thank you.

  9. Well another point is once you become fat adapted and your weight stalls you're supposed to lower your fat on keto eating lean meats and things like that that's something that they don't tell you, you have the keep adjusting your dietary fats to keep losing weight

  10. I had already lost like a hundred pounds just working out eating in a calorie deficit and then I discovered keto and tried it and I actually gained like 15lbs on it because keto food is really low in volume and super high in fat and so it's super high in calories. So if you don't stop eating if you don't feel full even if you're not eating a big volume of food it's so easy to gain weight on it. And then people say just eat more vegetables with it but really you can't a lot of people are doing it wrong they're kicking themselves out of keto because even low carb vegetables if you're eating them with every meal at you're getting way over 50 grams of carbs easily

  11. Thank you for the clarification. Id rather be on a calorie deficit than do keto at this point. I mean I lost 80lbs doing keto, but I’m worried about gaining weight back if I add carbs again including complex ones. I don’t like stuffing my face with meats and cheeses. I still do a 16:8 once or twice per week. I just need a diet that will work for me long term.

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