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Can You Actually Lose Weight On The Blood Type Diet ? | Myprotein

Can You Actually Lose Weight On The Blood Type Diet ? | Myprotein

Can You Actually Lose Weight On The Blood Type Diet ? | Myprotein

What is the Blood Type Diet & can it actually help you to lose weight? Discover now in this brand new 90s diet trend review.

Everyone’s favourite nutrition expert, Richie Kirwan, is back for a brand new series — “Nutritionist Reviews…”

The PhD researcher will take a closer look at popular diet trends and athlete supplement routines to separate the facts from the fiction.

In this episode, we’re taking a look at the Blood Type Diet which was written by naturopath Peter J. D’Adamo, who claimed that people react differently to different foods depending on their blood type, making them more or less likely to gain weight. It’s a diet that’s especially close to Richie’s heart as he was so convinced by it as a teenager that he actually gave it a go himself. Watch to find out whether he’s changed his mind on it since…

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00:00 – Coming Up!
00:22 – Introduction
00:36 – Disclaimer
00:55 – What is the eat right for your type diet?
01:30 – How does the Blood Type Diet work?
04:31 – Does the Blood Type Diet work in the real world?
08:31 – Got any questions?


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Can You Actually Lose Weight On The Blood Type Diet ? | Myprotein

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  1. Good job on not even bothering to link the source material you're supposedly "debunking". Commit sudoku

  2. What is real science ? You mean science that some schools endorsed ? Science endorsed eating canola and sunflower oil against animal fats & heart attacks and stroke skyrocketed …. Agri paid science to lie, so when you say science, you speak as though there’s a correct science !

  3. Felt wonderful eating foods for my blood type. Most of the food was stuff I liked anyway. I felt better. After listening to this guy I'm determined to go on this diet again. I looked and felt great.

  4. Obviously have not looked at the reviews on this diet and the benefits and healing people have received while doing it.

  5. Well it works for me. it's so funny that all the foods that hurt my tummy are not recommended on type A. I'm not on it for my weight its for digestion.SOrry it did not work for you but loads others it does. We are not a one size fit all.

  6. I used to be very sick all the time as a kid. Since I found this blood group diet years ago and I started to apply it in my life… it’s whole new chapter.. My immune system is super strong even through the whole pandemic I didn’t get sick. I feel full of energy and my whole life has been transformed by this. I would not go back and eat food which use to cause my issues all the time even I did enjoy the taste ( eg. chicken). Prefer to be healthy and have strong immune system than few moments of enjoyment over something that gonna give me tummy ache and more etc… while I appreciate your outlook on this subject … speaking from my own experience… this has been complete life changer for me and for the better.

  7. So this diet actually works and has research to back it. Interestingly enough, Big Pharm does not want anyone to believe it.
    Im living proof. After a severe case of Covid which then led to long covid, I was placed on this diet. It took 7 months, 44 appointments between 5 specialists before being placed on it. It took TWO WEEkS! Everything was gone. 1 month into it, a full blood panel was done and mine was gleaming. I didn't go on this to lose weight. I went on it to get well. I was already healthy before this–or so I thought. Your blood is poisoned by many foods that may be healthy for some blood types but not others. Therefore, diabetes, cancers, IBS issues, etc all have increased in so many people.
    So although this guy respectfully tried to say this diet doesn't work…maybe it doesnt for weight loss purposes (although I lost 12lbs over two months), but it is also not a yo-yo diet. Its a lifestyle diet. One I will remain on for the rest of my life.
    Also…it kicks viruses out of your bones. It cleans your blood, increases your metabolism, prevents bloodclots, allows your organs to filter your blood properly and then some.
    Last thing….the research on this started in the 90s. The doctor actually used it on countless breast cancer patients (after he lost his mother to breast cancer and saw patterns in blood types and lectins) in their late stages. Many survived, and many ended up with more time.
    Try it yourself. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

  8. I don’t do it for weight loss coz I don’t need to lose weight but I get less bloating and have more energy on the blood type diet and naturally gravitated towards those foods when intuitive eating even before I encountered the diet.

  9. Interesting theory. I’m B neg, but this “diet” wouldn’t work for me. I can’t tolerate eggs, most meats, or dairy. I mostly eat fish/green veggies and juices and feel incredible!

  10. I’m type A negative and besides the whole exercise thing the food idea is accurate for me. Vegetarian diets fits me and my mother did say as an infant, I had to be placed on soy milk!!

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