Best Way To Lose Weight

Cardio vs Weights | How to Lose Fat and Get Toned

Cardio vs Weights | How to Lose Fat and Get Toned

Cardio vs Weights | How to Lose Fat and Get Toned

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Video for Best Way To Lose Weight And Get Toned
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  1. The Agoge diet is truly something else, don't know why, but somehow it worked better than anything else I tried for growing muscle.

  2. Thank you so much for the way you did your video. So many of these videos are women just talking about themselves and what they are doing it gets boring fast. You get right to the point of why we are here.

  3. OK well this didn’t help, I’m still confused. You said you started out pretty much skinny and fit well I’m not, I’m fat so I wanna know what I should start doing on my fitness journey, I can’t seem to find a video that tells me!

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  7. So do you think that cardio such as going for a run isn't really that necessary because you embed cardio with your weight training? I enjoy weights more so, I do weight sessions quickly so it's basically a cardio workout… If your heart rate is elevated and you are sweating then it's cardio anyway right?

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  12. Do both, instead of weight do resistance training. It gives you both, Intermittent training. Try cross traing, work out for an activity like dance…ect

  13. really hope you answer this question- do you do HIIT or weights first?? if you do HIIT before weights will it impact weight loss effectiveness? Tysm!!!!

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