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Clean Eating For Beginners | Never "diet" again

Clean Eating For Beginners | Never "diet" again

Clean Eating For Beginners | Never "diet" again

The 6-Week Clean Eating Program is a complete and thorough online omnivore meal plan that specializes in clean eating cooking skills, and meal prepping.

The goal is to help you reach a healthy weight in a healthy way without going crazy in the process. Never “diet” again and instead change your eating habits for good.


▢3/4 cup old-fashioned rolled oats
▢3/4 cup milk of choice
▢1/2 cup raspberries – or any other type of berries
▢1 Tbsp maple syrup
▢1 cup quinoa
▢2 eggs
▢1 carrot
▢1 Lebanese cucumber
▢1/2 cup grape tomatoes
▢1 Tbsp chopped parsley
▢1/2 lemon
▢1 Tbsp olive oil
▢2 boneless skinless chicken thighs
▢1 small sweet potato
▢10 asparagus
▢2 tsp avocado oil
▢1/2 tsp paprika
▢1/2 tsp oregano
▢1/4 tsp chili powder
▢sea salt

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  1. Sorry can I just say first thing. Cows milk isn’t clean eating !! Maybe hemp milk or something instead ??

  2. I lost 60 pounds by drastically cutting back fast food/processed food and completely cutting out soda and alcohol. I can run a sub 15 minute 2 mile, squat 405 lbs and bench 250 lbs.

    I eat demonized stuff like red meat, potatoes, rice, steel cut oats and pasta too. I just have a policy where I only eat the food that I cook.

  3. "Clean" eating is a meaningless buzz word that shames people for "dirty" eating if they don't have access to healthy foods or knowledge of unhealthy eating habits

  4. I followed the steps in this video, but my asparagus came out brown and limp.. any ideas? Should I shorten the time or maybe remove it early on?

  5. I just starting out eating more whole foods and this was helpful on some meal ideas. Do you have any cookbooks you suggest on clean eating?

  6. The trouble with these eating plans people sell you is they don’t have an alternative food e.g.i hate quinoa so would need to have something else!! Lovely food there otherwise 👍🏻👏

  7. Thanks but it is not hygenic to cook kinoa together with eggs cause the shell of an egg can have some bacteria.

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