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David's Journey to Freedom from Ulcerative Colitis

David's Journey to Freedom from Ulcerative Colitis

David's Journey to Freedom from Ulcerative Colitis

Ulcerative colitis had taken a physical and emotional toll on David’s health, limiting his ability to live a full life. Medical care from the team at NYU Langone’s Inflammatory Bowel Disease Center helped manage his symptoms for a time, but David and his team of medical and surgical experts eventually chose a more permanent surgical option to treat his condition. Today, thanks to the comprehensive and compassionate care he received, David is free of pain and symptoms and enjoying life with his family—and new dog.

Learn more about NYU Langone’s Inflammatory Bowel Disease Center:

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  1. All my symptoms are gone including brain fog, constipation, pains fatigue and forever weakness.. I got diagonised at 27 with Ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease. living with the symptoms, flares up pains was a real everyday struggles..A warrior would definitely understand..thanks to natural diet and natural protocol of DR.UWENBOHERBALHOME on here youtube, am so excited to be free, I really appreciate your help DR.UWENBOHERBALHOME for giving me my life back✅✅😓

  2. WOW! Maybe I need to go there for my condition. I was told that I have colitis but I don’t know what kind of colitis I have. I fought tooth and nail in the emergency room with the doctor because he did not want to examine me when I told him that my stool is bloody. I almost threatened him with my life if something happens to me because he refuses to examine my behind. I told him that I wash yet he continues to debate with me , going around the issue, as to not to examine me about my bloody stool saying to me “….you have hemorrhoids and you probably popped them and that’s why you’re saying that it’s your stool …” I asked “….how would you know if I got hemorrhoids…. You refuse to check me….” Eventually he had to examine me and I obliged him to do an MRI which he eventually did and said that I have colitis that can be treated as an outpatient which I did. Then a colonoscopy was done unto me confirming that I do have colitis and again , that hospital and it’s staff did not prescribed me not even an aspirin because according to them “….it heals on its own”

  3. When I first start having bloody stool I went to the doctor and the told me it was hemorrhoids hot medication and everything while I was pregnant it stop for the entire 10 months then right after having after the six weeks it’s back again … I went to the doctor and was sent to do colonoscopy after which I was diagnosed with active ( ulcerative) colitis but now am on prednisone it’s calming it for now but i think I need a higher dosage or done sulfur drugs

  4. Hi bro I have ulcerative colitis since 2019 now I removed my big colon Dr told me j pouch surjury my question is that the sexual system is finished by j pouch surjury because I married my age is 40

  5. Medical scientist couldn't find a cure for the ibd a 200+ year old diseases but eager only to operate to make money and complicated to the patient. They expert only in lecturing only

  6. I've been living with colitis for 61 years now and I'm still here much to thanks ( Dr Ewanlenfo ) the best way to treat colitis

  7. how i wish im at ur country and wishing dr remzi have charity also so that i can have surgery without money, im so tired of being sick too…im happy for you, enjoy life

  8. Dang hard route to take the surgery I’m failing most biologics currently on Rinvoq wish me luck & for those trying biologics try to give them all a chance I believe it worth saving your colon

  9. Thanks for sharing the video, sir. I was also suffering from Ulcerative colitis disease and tried many modern medicines which had no effect on my colitis. After that I started the Ayurvedic medicines of Planet Ayurveda, these medicines helped me to get recovery from Ulcerative colitis in just 2 months.

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