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diet routine to lose -10kg (24 lbs) 52kg ➡️ 41kg and slim down -12cm on my thighs

diet routine to lose -10kg (24 lbs) 52kg ➡️ 41kg and slim down -12cm on my thighs

diet routine to lose -10kg (24 lbs) 52kg ➡️ 41kg and slim down -12cm on my thighs

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This is just one of many other ways to lose weight but with this diet routine, you can possibly lose 3 – 5 kg in a month. But it depends on how strictly you are in terms of your food choices and how often you exercise. After all, our bodies are different. Some might lose weight faster but some aren’t. So, you don’t need to rush or stress about it. The key is to stay consistent and trust the process.

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my weekly workout routine

Calves stretching routine

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  1. A lighthearted review of the tips in this video from someone who consumes a little too much diet and exercise content:
    #1 Some studies have shown that drinking lots of water can help you loose weight especially if it displaces the consumption of sugary drinks. The most important take home from this is to limit consumption of sugary drinks (guzzling water isn't necessary but most people could stand to drink more water for their general health anyway)
    #2 100%, this tip is great because you encourage people to find a form of movement they love which helps with consistency which is much more important than how impressively difficult your workout is (I recommend madfit's workout videos to any beginner, especially the dance ones since they are so fun)
    #3 If eating breakfast works for you, eat breakfast, if you aren't hungry in the morning, there is no need to force yourself to eat it
    #4 Eating whole foods is generally a healthy habit, but I wouldn't stress too much about the rigidity, I can eat a cookie every single day(and do so on most) and lose weight and I guarantee you can too. Sugar/ processed foods aren't magical gain weight substances. They are just easy to overeat since they aren't very filling (low protein and fiber) but high in calories. Sodium cannot make you gain fat (it could bloat you but water weight fluctuates quickly and you shouldn't over stress about it). If salting/seasoning your food makes your food tastier and more enjoyable, i'd say do it.
    #5. Slowing down the speed at which you eat can be helpful since Leptin (our fullness horomone) has some delay before signaling, so eating slower can help you not to overeat.
    #6. Walking is a fantastic low impact, accessible movement that could surely help anyone lose weight.
    #7 Stretching will never reduce your muscle size. It is generally good for preventing injury, however I doubt walking will make you develop massive calf muscles. in the first place Muscle growth is incredibly hard, even for those actively trying to grow them (me) and it takes a very long time. You will not build big muscles without progressive overload (increasing difficulty of training over time). So unless you start walking longer and longer or at a steeper incline, your muscle growth will naturally plateau.
    #8 The timing of your meals doesn't matter too much, but if the routine is nice and feels good to you I see no issues. I also love plating my food pretty but I wouldn't force yourself to eat unpleasant food. if you aren't excited to eat your meals you won't want to stick to your healthy eating. Seasonings and new recipes are a must.
    #9. Very good tip. Studies have shown that the day after getting poor rest you are hungrier and the decrease in energy can mean that even if you force yourself to exercise you will unconsciously move around less decreasing your NEAT(non exercise activity thermogenesis). Neat is movement that you do without really thinking about it as exercise (fidgeting, cleaning, gardening, walking up your staircase).

    Low Carb thoughts: The video recommends limiting carbs and even eliminating them from some meals. This is unnecessary. I would say everyone should prioritize eating filling, tasty, and emotionally satisfying meals that have a lot of protein and fiber. You can certainly eat fat and carbs(and should for your health) but these portions should be smaller than the protein and fiber.
    Overall, none of the tips in this video will hurt you, but not all of them are backed by science. Its still an above average tips video though so good job and congrats on finding a lifestyle that works for you!

  2. Are you in Hungary? Because I saw the text of the yogurt in Hungarian in the background and it was as if I had also seen a Hungarian license plate

  3. Will you give me some advice how to gain weight? 😅 That's the reason why im here. Struggling to gain my weight. 43 kg 24 yrs.old. can we exchange experience or tips? By the way im 5'4 in height BMI says underweight and i need 2000 calories to gain fast😑

  4. I am 5’5 and weight around 114 kg. The thing with my body is that in the beginning of the day I weight 112-114 and at the end of the day I weigh 116. But the next morning I go back to being around 114. I’ve never worked out before and hope to see some results. Thanks for the video x

  5. i need to eat breakfast i'm the only one who don't eat breakfast i just wake up so late not because i wake up lite when i go to school to i just go with out nothing with emty stomick

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