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Dieting for Teenagers | Bulking & Cutting for Students | Zac Perna

Dieting for Teenagers | Bulking & Cutting for Students | Zac Perna

Dieting for Teenagers | Bulking & Cutting for Students | Zac Perna

On today’s video I talk through teenage bodybuilding advice and cover nutrition and everything related to dieting for uni students or high school I cover cutting and bulking, meal prep, macros, how to fit in normal dinners around your diet plan and I give you three recipes that you can eat cold without a microwave! ENJOY!

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Dieting for Teenagers | Bulking & Cutting for Students | Zac Perna

Zac Perna

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  1. Sugar is actually pretty healthy, too much sugar is the real problem. Sugar helps give your body more energy, but it's only useful if you're actually doing something, but even if you're doing something like working out don't eat too much. Eating a shit ton of sugar, not doing anything, being lazy, and not working out can cause a lot of illnesses that can and will kill you if you don't stop eating a lot of it.

  2. Hey I’m 16 yo and weigh 59.9kg (132.1 pound roughly) I’m looking to gain more muscle, if I do eat a lot of fruits veggies, what should be the weight that I aim for

  3. Hey, I'm 147lb at the age of 13 and I want to cut, I have little to no experience on workingout/Meal Preps so if you can give me a workout routine and a mealprep for 4 meals a day that would be amazing!

  4. I’m sick of seeing fucking ripped ass dudes try and tell me it’s easy to fucking workout and go on a diet

  5. its legit super hard to do this while in a family, we sometimes get the healthiest stuff like vegetable soup and chicken then sometimes we have like fried pork or fish with tons of oil or processed foods like spam. also sometimes my mom will be like "you aint eating healthy"

  6. To loose weight = eat less move more
    To gain weight = eat more move less
    To gain muscle = eat more healthy foods and move more

  7. Hello im currently using my mothers phone,im 14 and i wants to know that is it still good to eat fried eggs for my lunch?in my school they didn't sell any thing that are not cooked without oil.but they always cook vegetables but still have a little bit of oil in there,or should i bring my own food to school? I can cook egg with coconut oil.can you please give me the answer? I really want to lose mom always buy me nice clothes but i always looks so bad with it. im currently on my puberty and my height is growing so fast.i am almost as tall as my 23Yo brother and taller than my 24Yo brother height is 180+(sorry but idk his real height).Or you can just recommend a good sports that can make me lose weight easily.

  8. i am going to be 13 in February and I cannot find any online sites to track my macros because of my age. How do I find them?

  9. Ok so let’s be honest. That’s the perfect bulk diet. If your under 20 and you wanna build muscle. Just gym 5 times a week and eat heaps of protein and carbs. It worked for me and plus I was able to focus on my diet later when my body slows down.

  10. The only problem is that my parents don't thing I chubby and I'll grow out of it and that I'm just short so like I try and diet by my mom thinks I can't go from eating this amount of calories to just drop it and I can't convince her otherwise

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