Best Way To Lose Weight

Do Squats Make You Lose Weight Or Build Muscles?

Do Squats Make You Lose Weight Or Build Muscles?

Do Squats Make You Lose Weight Or Build Muscles?

In today’s episode, Erin is going to talk about squats and how diverse this exercise can be. You can do squats to lose weight or build muscle, or even both at the same time. Watch on to learn more on how to do squats the right way depending on your fitness needs.

00:15 It’s a great exercise
00:35 Depending on your needs, squats can be performed differently
01:50 To build muscle, you need to be in the hypertrophy range
02:37 Can you do both at the same time?

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Nate Woodbury and Erin Dastrup

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  1. My weight is perfectly fine….
    People think im underweight coz of my- wrists, stomach and arms (they r very thin).
    But wht bothers me is that i have a lot of mass on my thighs ( )
    They just ruined my proportions and i cant wear those tight jeans…. i really wanna do squats but i think maybe it will build muscles and my thighs will look more masculline🥲🥲🥲 can smone reply like what should i do?
    I dont wanna lose weight coz then i will be too skinny but i really wanna lose my thigh fat

  2. People don't realize how such a simple squat can really get the hart pumping !!!! I burn 1000-1500 calories a day on my stationary bike, but what really gets my hart pumping is doing 50-75 squats with a 25 pound dumbbell.

  3. I think,
    Squat without weight – Lose Weight + Build Muscles
    Squat with weight – Lose More Weight + Build More Muscles

  4. building muscle burns fat anyway so why does it matter how you do the squat i would perfer to do the slow squats cuz it puts more strain and packs on more muscle to burn the fat

  5. So I’m about 270 5’7 and I only started but I’ve been doing 4 sets of 10 with a dumbbell every day and increasing 10 reps per day. And then usually 30 curls per arm, and then 3 sets of 10 bench press. I’m mostly trying to lose weight but running isn’t my forte as it really hurts my knees after a couple of days so I’d rather not. But is what I’m doing if performed on a daily basis suitable to lose weight but still gain muscle?

  6. I love squat n always 150-200/days in morning also afternoon and have reward for my good body. I feel fit confident 😊

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