Best Way To Lose Weight

Doctor reviews Herbalife (Is it a scam?)

Doctor reviews Herbalife (Is it a scam?)

Doctor reviews Herbalife (Is it a scam?)

0:00 Intro
1:00 Herbalife’s Nutritional Principles πŸ“œ
3:13 My Experience at Their Event πŸ‘―
4:40 Multilevel Marketing Schemes πŸ”Ί
6:53 The Product 🍼
9:52 Taste 🀒
10:19 Alleged Contaminants πŸ’Š
11:23 Conclusion

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  1. This is the first of your videos I've seen and I'm impressed with a couple of things you said.

    Glad to see that you advocate for eating fewer meals and that you are against the consumption of soy. πŸ‘

  2. Seriously… why are people are so fickle when it comes to Herbalife?! Don’t knock it til you try it because let me tell you, it works. βœ¨πŸƒπŸ™ŒπŸΌ

  3. my cousin did herbal life and lost tons of weight, not only did she change her eating habits she worked out. just change your eating habits make healthier choices she didn't need herbal life I did the same without

  4. I use this for almost 25 days yeah I lost weight but I do research about Herbalife and I found out some are in danger when they use this product some nearly lost her life taking this shake and suppliment

  5. I know a little about fitness, but the herbal life promises weight loss in just 19 days? I mean, losing weight will take at least 6 months with the right diet and exercise, so supplements aren't necessary. Besides, after taking this supplement for just two days, I've developed some stomach issues, so please consult a doctor before taking this kind of supplement.

  6. My father has taken herbal life program in 1999 for just 2 months and since then his weight came down from 88 to 65-68 until 2013 (he passed away ) he was also a diabetic patient and was a locopilot (india) so I do have a strong believe in this brand.
    As of now don't know if the quality and results are same or not
    (No I'm not a member or reseller so far but that's a real example)

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