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Does Herbalife work for weight loss? Nutritionist reviews the diet

Does Herbalife work for weight loss? Nutritionist reviews the diet

Does Herbalife work for weight loss? Nutritionist reviews the diet

A lot of people come to me asking if Herbalife works for weight loss, so I thought I’d do a video to explain my thoughts.

Of course, Herbalife is a super popular way to lose weight, but as with many things, popular doesn’t always mean GOOD.

So if you really want to lose fat this year I’d recommend checking out the video to see what I think of the Herbalife diet / Formula 1 shake.

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  1. I feel it’s more of a jumpstart for people ya you can loose weight on it is it a long term no but it’s a confidence booster and if you do your research your REbound won’t be that bad

  2. Well even if you do dieting any diet and you stop it you gain back weight. The idea is to maintain the weight after you lose it and reach your target. After anything or diet you gain the back weight which is normal

  3. I lost about 21 pounds with Herbalife but I was always hungry. Now I gained over 40 pounds because I stared experiencing a lot on anxiety, depression, and was always always hungry.

  4. but the meals you posted or talking about are expensive and you are just like herballife you just promoting your product 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂…. big deal

  5. Thank you so much for you video! I'm gonna to use Herbalife to loss my weight but after I saw your video I changed my mind. I will eat less and play more sports such as running, swimming, cycling to loss my weight.

  6. My PT, who isn’t bad as a PT, is still pushing me to take Herbalife shakes etc on basis that I am one of his fitter clients and I should be adding more muscle and reducing fat. This and other videos have persuaded me to avoid this and supplements in general. Am always in favour of regulating your diet naturally anyway. Fasting is better to achieve calorie deficit amongst wider healthier approach. Avoiding non-processed foods, avoiding inefficient high carb foods and keeping things simple is important imo.

  7. I'm going to give it a try the shake + protein pretty much sit around all day maybe this calorie deficit isn't so bad for me,

  8. The other day I saw a Facebook post about a 10-day program. I thought it was legit but upon talking to the guy who posted it, I found out I only need to buy the supplements. And guess what? He's selling Herbalife!! At first I didn't know about Herbalife but now that I do, yeah it sounds like a scummy/scammy program, doesn't it?

  9. desagree with your opinion
    it works for me i mixed with peanut butter banana nd milk for my breakfast and managed to stay full
    it also help to educate yourself to come off carb if you eat bread

  10. So, the logic is that you can always afford the product if you make money with it. The logic is that you always have your shake with you (on a hike, in your car, in your office, etc.) The logic is if your friend invites you on a meal you say no thanks, I'm on a diet. You maintain your goal weight with the product. On christmas, you use healthier snacks than traditional cookies, cakes, etc.

  11. Hey Harry just out of curiosity
    Herbalife is in 90 countries
    You have a utube channel
    Hey Harry Herbalife is on the Nazdec Stock exchange
    You have a utube channel
    Hey Harry why should people listen to someone who has an opinion
    When Herbalife is a 8 BILLIION DOLLER Company
    Herbalife gas the best Nutrition Shakes hands down is in 90 countries

  12. How are you going to tell the millions of people around the world who's gotten results over the last 50 years, that it doesn't work. Lol

  13. This product worked for me. I know it's not the best, but like you said it's convenient. I lost 20 pounds in 1 month, then 10 pounds every month after. I'm using this, while changing my bad eating habits with the intentions of stopping these shakes, while maintaining my new healthy eating habits to maintain weight loss. I think of this as an "aide" not a solution.
    ❤ ❤❤

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