Best Way To Lose Weight

Exercise vs Diet

Exercise vs Diet

Exercise vs Diet

Which is more significant for losing weight?
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Written by Rachel Salt, Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown

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Video for Diet Vs Exercise What’s The Best Way To Lose Weight
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  1. Im 37 best shape of my life guys my age are breaking around me my habbits get better theres get worse while my brother runs 12 hour days eating McDonalds and smoking doing man work lol l was in prison eating real foods and water lifting smart its how you live fools

  2. I recommend a balance of both. Either way something has to change. A lot of people want the results but don't want to change much.

  3. Diet first then making sure u getting enough sleep THEN comes gym or running which ever activity u choose

  4. Dieting also costs you, it's time consuming to prepare new recipes & lots of planning for healthy ingredients to have less calories & to meet all required Nutritional needs for our body 🦾💯 & for exercises there are many different types on the internet but some stick to the basics like jogging, walking, cycling ✔️👟

  5. I’ve been losing weight like crazy lately and building muscle really fast aswell, I’m only 21 so I’m kinda in my prime to be able to put on muscle and lose weight but like this video, my change in diet and portions has been the biggest factor in the weight loss. I tried it before and it worked but this is the first time I’ve been really sticking to it and it feels amazing, I’m slowly starting to look like myself when I was in really good shape in high school cause of sports. I’m definitely noticing my progress and it feels awesome. I really did miss the gym, idk why tf I quit 😂

  6. Exercise wins as if you lose weight with just eating less and more healthy , you will fee restricted and possible miserable plus you’re not fit …. Doesn’t matter if your stick thin , if you don’t exercise even if you have lost all your weight , your not fit … exercise is the pinnacle of being healthy and living a longer life ….. exercise along with being vigilante on what your eating can lead to a prolonged healthy life .

  7. I know this is an older video with tons of viewpoints but I just HAVE to add this note: NEVER allow your dietary decisions to DISSUADE you from exercising. food does NOT undo the exercise one has done and to juxtapose them like that is not only unfair but it DISCOURAGES the unhealthy from exercising…

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