Best Way To Lose Weight

Fat to Fit Bride: How to lose weight for your wedding

Fat to Fit Bride: How to lose weight for your wedding

Fat to Fit Bride: How to lose weight for your wedding

I recently lost over -20lbs in 3 months for my wedding! In this video I share my tips to help you shed the pounds and look amazing in your wedding dress on your big day too! Follow me on instagram @fit_with_fallon & e-mail to get more information about my #Bridalbootcamp online program at #sweatingforthewedding #weightloss #engaged #bridetobe #fittofattofit

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Here are my tips;
1. Start Now!
2. Face the facts & Set (realistic) goals.
3. Find motivation
4. Sacrifice
5. Journal

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  1. You are sooooooo right! I can't eat the same as my husband and that's a sacrifice! Although I tried a personal trainer for 3months paid $600 and I still looked and weight the same, sadly. I lost the motivation since he was a guy and really didn't tell me what meals are good or not. He only mentioned to apply everything I eat into the MyFitness Pal. I wish you were my local trainer.

  2. What sign are you we litterally have the same decor lol the same drapes the same sofa and pillows lol twinning decor lol

  3. Losing weight is insanely hard for me. I couldn't imagine trying to lose significant weight while planning my big day. 😅

  4. I've already been married for a while, but these are good tips still. Trying to just stay motivated for losing 10 to 15lbs. You're the sweetest, love your videos 💕

  5. the greatest news ever! ⬇️

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  6. I have 2 cousins getting married in july, and i have gained 25lbs over quarantine! i would love to lose that weight and get back to what i was before …fat to fit to fat lol ! would love more of these videos !!

  7. Your words of motivation truly gave me chills. I’m having such a hard time losing weight and so stressed about dress shopping. (Due to some health issues in about 70 more than when I met my future hubby).

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