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Five Easy Ways to Lift Your Neck WITHOUT Surgery! – Dr. Anthony Youn

Five Easy Ways to Lift Your Neck WITHOUT Surgery! – Dr. Anthony Youn

Five Easy Ways to Lift Your Neck WITHOUT Surgery! – Dr. Anthony Youn

Do you have mild looseness of the neck and want to make it tighter without going under the knife? In this video I have five great suggestions you can try, and some of them you can likely start as soon as possible!

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  1. Thanks, Dr. Youn, but I thought that heat-producing devices actually dissolve fat in the face that we want to preserve, especially in an older person. I also thought that injecting filler in the lower face (i.e., jaw line) in an older person will only add volume (which you do not want), making the jowl area look even heavier — that the idea is to use something like Sculptra, higher up in the pre-auricular space, which will lift and tighten the jaw line. That makes sense to me. Could you respond to this, please? Thank you.

  2. I guess it's not exactly fair to use people that are on the Kybella ads as if these techniques were non-surgical

  3. What do you recommend for Vitiligo? I have it on one side of my face and forehead and few spots here and there.

  4. I got ultherapy today on my entire neck, it was extremely painful and I could barely finish. Do not recommend

  5. Be careful with the kybella! I had a very small double chin and the kybella got rid of the fat but left me with saggy skin. I’m going to try microneedling to tighten the skin.

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