Best Way To Lose Weight

Get Rid Of That Apple Shape

Get Rid Of That Apple Shape

Get Rid Of That Apple Shape

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  1. I’m an Apple, but it’s not terrible. Because I also have natural hips, but they aren’t large. I have a shape to me. I’m just trying to emphasize my hips and lose upper body fat.

  2. This happened to come when I was looking for health work outs I have to say that is very rude I understand if your too big but apple shape is your body shape can’t change that I am apple shape I’m healthy

  3. Media is always negative about apple shape women. there is nothing wrong with being heavy chested with a small or medium booty. to a man that loves it that is very sexy. Even professionals body shame women and they will hear it and listen to him and feel bad about themselves even if they man appreciate how they look. This has nothing to do with obesity I'm stating facts of opinion as a man

  4. It’s easier to lose belly fat than leg fat/lower body fat though. People with apple bodies have an easier time losing the belly fat than people with a pear body shape. It’s very hard to lose fat on your legs/lower body.

  5. I can't imagine being offended by this. I have an apple shape as well. This is actual scientific factual information. If it hurts your feelings it is only because of your own insecurities being triggered from within. People generally aren't born with an excess of visceral fat🤷🏾

  6. why do women must listen to people why they can't just love themselves who they are I thought the Lord made everybody different shapes and sizes why they can't accept who they are as a person

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