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High Protein Diets Increase Metabolic Rate

High Protein Diets Increase Metabolic Rate

High Protein Diets Increase Metabolic Rate

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It has been demonstrated previously that high protein diets can improve body composition, fat loss, and energy expenditure. This highly detailed study sheds more light on the mechanisms through which protein exerts these effects.

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  1. Hey so I don't know how frequently u respond to or even see ur comments on here I just wanted to say whatever its worth that I appreciate ur trying to keep the YouTube community knowledgeable about nutrition facts because so many people are caught up in the hype of keto and other diets that they don't realize that weight is something we have to focus on for life and all of the gimmicks will only take people so far and then they have to come to the realization that if they educate themselves on how to really lose weight they will succeed and maybe even keep it off. Again thanks for just keeping it 100 with nutritional information u provide on ur site

  2. given that 300-500 cal deficit seems to be what is recommended for fat loss 80 cal is quite relevant. Sure not a large percent of total calories but getting 15-30% of your deficit sorted just by better macro choices makes fat loss much more sustainable. This hasnt even counted for the fact that protein tends to be more satiating making sustainability even more likely.

  3. Do my heavy weight training and caulastincts. Per my doctor I increased my protein intake to about one gram per pound of body weight and I gained muscle. It was to lowery a1c.

  4. excess amounts of protein increase metionine and igf1 levels, high levels of igf 1 are shown to increase cancer. google it.

  5. How to get rid of cellulite on back of legs and a thigh bump. My mom and sister also have cellulite and I know most women do, but I'd really like to tone the back of my legs and bum. Is there a certain diet for that and workout?

  6. Interesting video/study! I would be interested in wether this might change over a longer term and also wether the the results might be much different when doing a PSMF diet where you consume ketogenic amounts of carbs, equally less amounts of fat, very high protein during a very high caloric deficit.
    Would like to see more on PSMF in general aswell. Great videos , thank you!

  7. If one can increase calorie expenditure by manipulating diet, that can be big for someone who is looking for moderate weightloss and to alter body composition. You say 80 calories is small, but: 80 calories / day in 1 year adds up to 29,200 calories or potentially a loss of 8.34 lbs if that 80 calorie burn puts you in an 80 calorie / day deficit. Of course, I am sure that 80 calories / day is an average of those enrolled in the study and will vary with starting body weight. But if you train strength this could be pretty big, as diet becomes a key component to your overall training, and reinforces what I think most of us already do. If you are morbidly obese, I think this would have pretty minimal impact on its own.

  8. Fat and carbs are so overrated for one simple reason. People want to eat them, because they're so tasty. But protein-oriented diets are just superior.

  9. I watch other youtube that said protein shake is simple protein so it didnt increase metabolic rate is it true?

  10. Can/Has Biolayne do/done a video on meats effect on the human body? Some studies I've seen say that meat in general but red meat specifically has a huge effect on cholesterol and other health markers. I'd love to see Layne's take on the meat debate.

  11. Fantastic news Layne!! Protein is my food of choice & at 59 Iā€™m rock solid muscle !!! šŸ¦¾šŸ¦¾šŸ¦¾

  12. It's only a 2 day study FFK's sake and you are jumping into wild conclusions especially about sugar intake.

    Protein is cool but dude šŸ™„

  13. lol, did I just watch a video where you were pissing on Keto saying it wasn't more satiating?

  14. Sugar is half fructose and half glucose. Fructose has a lower glycemic and insulin impact than glucose does. Fructose has been implicated in visceral fat accumulation as well as insulin and leptin resistance, but if you're eating at a calorie deficit, it's probably better for you than pure glucose is.

  15. I wonder if metabolic chamber based trials are still useful for these things. From what I understood, doubly labeled water based trials have produced TDEE results that deviated strongly from chamber based studies in most cases. So I wonder if the results would still be the same. And with the set-up from the study: doesn't protein has higher TEF and such? So that's another thing making such studies hard. So while interesting, I'm not sure if the results are actually useful….

  16. When people say" a calorie is a not a calorie" they mean "the body treats macronutrients differently due to metabolism." At a technical level I understand it's equivalent to saying a "pound is not a pound," but we know a person saying that is meaning "a pound a fat is not equivalent to a pound of muscle" because of the metabolic demands of the tissue and the way it changes a person's observed physique.

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