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High-protein diets: What you need to get started

High-protein diets: What you need to get started

High-protein diets: What you need to get started

The three most important things you need to know about high-protein diets are what to eat, the benefits of higher protein intake, and how much protein you need. In today’s video, I’ll discuss all of these topics. Plus, I’ll answer the question: β€œIs high-protein safe?”

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00:00 Introduction
00:36 Number 1: Eat plenty of high-protein foods
02:07 Number 2: The benefits of higher protein intake
03:29 Number 3: How much protein do you need?
05:28 Concerns about high-protein diets
07:02 How to get started

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  1. I never thought adding more protein to my diet was gonna make a difference on my body but I was wrong. After 2-3 months on the high protein diet I immediately noticed that my muscles were more defined and bigger. And for some reason my body is loosing more fat while gaining more muscle mass. Before, I always try to cut down on carbs and sweets since I gain body fat fast , then hard for me to burn all that off even with intense cardio. But now that I added more protein to my diet, my body reacts different. All I can say is that it really made a difference. I feel and see the results and continues to surprise me every day.

  2. I was keto. I lost 18 lbs then gained it all back. I am trying hi protein now with low carb. I know nothing so here I am. Thank you.

  3. I have Kwashiorkor disease from malabsorption and need to eat 2-3 times the daily requirement for protein, iron and essential minerals. I eat -8 small meals/snacks a day, when I can keep food down. Unfortunately I also have chronic nausea too. Hopefully one day I will be healthy enough to survive open heart surgery. Protein is important, make sure you get enough.

  4. So now new trend is more like lean fat food? No more eat or add fat to your diet? I need to change my newly gained conviction of 2 years to new one?

  5. 6:40 Man look your eyes for example! Compare it with previous years. Stop high protein diet immediately! It is not for lean people. Go back to LCHF.

  6. I’m amazed at just how freaked out some people are over the idea of adding in more protein via lower fat yogurt and egg whites. I think it is pretty clear he was talking about adding in extra protein without the added fat, IF your goal is to lose more weight. If you are happy with your weight as is, go for it. But just take a deep breath and pay attention to the whole message. My two cents.

  7. Thanks. I was stuck on keto, LCHF. Since January I've lost 13kg by eating more protein (around 100), and only the necessary fat from good foods like avocados , olive oil, and oily fish.
    now I'm more like LCHP.

  8. Totally agree – low fat Greek yogurt provides great protein but less calories! So pleased I’m a DD member to be able to read up on the science behind it all – is so reassuring. No food or pharmaceutical companies involved just honest advice 😊

  9. Dear Dr. Eenfeldt, have you tried eating low fat products? Do you enjoy them? Do you like to eat it also next ten years? 30 years ago were no low fat dairy products…Then appeared low fat yoghurt, low fat curd cheese, low fat milk, low fat cheese…It was just a new mode. Now is the time to enjoy normal or high fat dairy products with unerstanding of fat not being the culprit of our bad health. Just stay away from sweetened dairy products.

  10. Almost all animal foods are high in protein. Even most fatty cuts of meat are mostly protein. The only exceptions I can think of offhand is bone broth and bacon.

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