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HIIT vs Cardio – Which is TRULY Better? (New Science Update)

HIIT vs Cardio – Which is TRULY Better? (New Science Update)

HIIT vs Cardio – Which is TRULY Better? (New Science Update)

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HIIT (high intensity interval training) has become wildly popular as an alternative to the traditional “steady state” cardio. Its benefits have been often stated. However, with new research, do the findings continue to support these HIIT benefits? Or is regular cardio good enough? Let’s find out!

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  1. I can barely finninsh 10 mins of cardio due to how boring it is, but I can go with hit for over 30 mins cuz I'm too buzy trying to stay alive….

    Anyhow anything is better than nothing so just do whatever you feel more comfortable with😁

  2. Steady state walking works for me. I can do it every day and am never sore. Less chance of injury. Steady state wins for me.

  3. Hiit for sure guys…
    When I started my fat loss journey I was struggling to run or jog. I could do a max of 2 min jog before not being able to jog again for the next 5 or so minutes.

    Then came hiit. It was much more difficult, not gonna lie there, but you can push through it.
    Now I can jog for over an hour or so but needless to say I couldn't have done this without hiit.

  4. You can do hiit at your house with no equipment, no fancy clothes, no time considerations and have a shower right after it. Just excercise while watching a Youtube video of someone doing it. And it costs virtually nothing. Having a coach would go against many of these advantages.

  5. Actually, there is another type of training that I believe is even more effective than regular cardio and HIIT. It's sprinting.
    We know the key to the most rapid increase in fitness is intensity. I agree with this video that HIIT is most likely a little bit more effective than cardio, but to just add a little bit of evolutionary thought to the fitness discussion, sprinting is what allows maximum speed in getting fit and most likely losing body fat.
    Dr Sean O'Mara does MRI body scans on people who both jog and sprint. He found that sprinting reduces visceral fat much quicker that just jogging does.
    The whole cardio thing is based on research years ago by a Dr named Ken Cooper. He convinced us that jogging and cardio is the best way to lose body fat based on the idea that how much fat you burn per minute is what matters.
    This now seems silly because overall fitness level seems to be the best way to predict body fat on most people. Just compare sprinters to joggers. It's the sprinters that have the six pack abs and the lowest body fat.

  6. You can't do hiit everyday, and you can't do it for long in a single day. Steady state is better for burning more calories.

  7. It’s just a time saver for me! I would love to workout longer but with a busy schedule it’s nearly impossible

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