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How Fat Loss Works – Episode 1: Energy Balance

How Fat Loss Works – Episode 1: Energy Balance

How Fat Loss Works – Episode 1: Energy Balance

This will be a new series covering the basic science of how fat loss works. In episode 1 we discuss how energy balance works. Many people have attempted to dismiss ‘calories in calories out’ or debunk it. These people really don’t understand how thermodynamics work. I break it down for you in a way that anyone can understand.

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Video for What Would Be The Best Way To Tip The Energy Balance To Lose Weight
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  1. Hey Layne, I'm a young guy dealing with severe obesity. Your videos are very helpful and informative as I try to get healthy.

  2. if it fits your macros vs insulin resistance? i dont that understand that concept, for an example, i hear like say you eat a cheeseburger with a soda, the soda spikes your blood sugar then stores the cheeseburger as fat? ut what if its within your macros? dont know what to believe?

  3. Started watching this video because I saw you on Greg's channel. Loved the video up until near the end where you say that your body gets more efficient when it comes to exercising over time so you burn more calories. I know this to be a myth and it's something Greg knows to be a myth as well. Do you still feel this way? I mean, it's been 3 years since this video was made. Thanks!

  4. If it fits your macros works but having a healthy all round diet of hall foods with a calorie deficit its the best way to go

  5. Why is calories per day the interval? Is it just convenience to reason about? Aren't calories burned continually, or is it just during night sort of like muscle growth?

  6. Mr Norton.
    I would like to know how much excrement contributes to the energy balance. I assume that some people are better at extracting energy from food than others (just as cows are better at utilising grass as food than people would be). How much does this change from person to person and does the body adjust its "digestive efficiency" depending situations?

  7. "How Ruining a Whiteboard Works." Every year hundreds of whiteboards die under the greezy fingers of exercise scientists trying to explain caloric deficit. Join the fight to end this senseless destruction. #eraselikeanadult

  8. People are more mentally lazy than physically. When you know your body and keep it real about what you have to do to make your fitness or body trans goals happen you will be more accountable. I was just like this stuck and mad when the weight stopped coming off after I lost my first 30lbs from a certain calorie deficit…but once I adjust my deficit by only 200 cals lower the weight started going in the right direction again. Also guys if you are lifting weights like I do then you are gaining muscle at the same time so you'll have weeks where you will be the same weight or even gain a lb if you look at yourself in the mirror though and the way clothes start fitting different your body is changing. Scale only tells part of the story.

  9. Will you lose fat faster by not spiking insulin (AKA keto and IF dieting)? Eg. Two people (biological twins) consuming the same calories but with different food sources. One twin eating whole foods (fibrous vegetables and fruits, etc) versus the other twin eating junk food with high GI indexes.

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