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How I Treated My Chronic Fatigue

How I Treated My Chronic Fatigue

How I Treated My Chronic Fatigue

Here’s how I used Functional Medicine to heal my body of chronic fatigue syndrome and how you can too.

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  1. Chronic fatigue syndrome and chronic fatigue are two seperate things. CFS is a complicated chronic illness that affects multiple systems in the body while chronic fatigue can be a consequence of other underlying issues. You had chronic fatigue because of an underlying treatable cause which made your chronic fatigue go away. CFS however is a multi-system disease that is mostly uncurable and untreatable to a large extent because of its complexity.

  2. CFS/ME
    Professor Sonya Marshall Gradisnik and her research team have been working on this illness for over a decade. She now has even developed a diagnostic test. As a syndrome it never had a test. It remained a syndrome since the time of Florence Nightingale who trained her nurses from her bedside with this illness.

    Patients would invariably be told to go home and rest or the doctor would say that they didn’t believe in CFS.

    The Professor has developed a treatment of using NALTREXONE low dose @ 0.5 – 5 milligrams stops the obstruction of the opioid receptor on the calcium channel allowing it to function again. She has overlapped to treating Long Covid.
    Alternatively Pregnenolone is also being used with 50mg daily. They have been getting 70% success rate.
    Research findings published Journal of Molecular Medicine 11.8.22

    Ref. Courier Mail 11.8.22 p. 15

  3. a diet cannot cure my severe chronic illnesses though, it could potentially take the edge of factors of it but it doesn’t work for everyone it’s so misleading.

  4. It wasn't easy but it did works in curing my human papillomavirus, all thanks to Dr Madida for sending me the herbal cure.

  5. A lot of diagnosis get labeled CFS, remember before they called CFS it was called Epstein Barr Virus which is a Herpes Virus …Three words >>> Andenosine Mono Phospahate (gelbase) (AMP) Learn what it can do for you. Read Dr Harvey Sklars work on (Herpes Virus) @ the Englewood Hospital, library. Englewood NJ and all the people he has helped with various forms of Herpes. . Also in JAMA…… As far as diet, learn what foods suppress herpes viruses, and what foods replicate herpes viruses… Learn what herpes viruses can do to the body, and see if it matches your symptoms. There are many subsets of ailments that may not be herpes, but get thrown into the label CFS. Disclaimer: In no way is this a protocol to follow, its just my experience. Consult with your professional health provider.

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