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How Is Fatigue Caused By Poor Nutrition? A Functional Medicine Approach To Fix Fatigue

How Is Fatigue Caused By Poor Nutrition? A Functional Medicine Approach To Fix Fatigue

How Is Fatigue Caused By Poor Nutrition? A Functional Medicine Approach To Fix Fatigue

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The Precision Wellbeing Group is a multi-disciplinary health & wellbeing clinic based in North Finchley, London, specialising in Injuries, Chronic Health Conditions and Weight Management.

Fatigue is such a common problem that many of us just think it’s normal. In this video Ashley explains how energy comes from food and how you need certain nutrients in order to convert glucose into energy.

This video is primarily talking about energy derived from carbohydrates, as opposed to protein or fats.

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  1. Your video explains well.
    There are alot of videos etc that tell you what is good and bad, whether it's keto, or not. There will always be people who will disagree with whatever is said. The most important thing I believe is that YOU do what is best for YOU.
    Everyone's different, so the best thing to do is trial different things. I've had some issues in the past, 1 being an 18 year allergy that was on, off. It was odd coz it just started after never having the issue. I thought it was just hayfever came on later. Turned out after trying to fix another issue and cutting out bread, it gradually disappeared after 3 months. I'm still experimenting with stuff, but it proves it works. But we are all different, so that's why YOU have to trial things for YOURSELF. rather than listen to people who say do this or that

  2. I can't eat vegetables (leafy) because I get bloated hence no nutrients no energy no will to cook food no money to spend on food and the circle continues. I am alive but I am not living life. I will do my best to help myself.

  3. This is the best explanation I've seen for eating a balanced diet tbh. I find it really hard to maintain a balance with food and my energy suffers for it. The way you explained it with so much depth but so us simpletons can understand is commendable. Thanks for giving us the knowledge to make better choices instead of just saying: "This is healthy – Do it". The reasons help me a lot. Cheers!

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