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How to Combine Cardio and Strength Training for Weight Loss…

How to Combine Cardio and Strength Training for Weight Loss…

How to Combine Cardio and Strength Training for Weight Loss…

Have you ever wondered how to combine cardio and strength training for weight loss? If so, this video is for you.
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Here’s the big picture of what you need to know. Weight loss requires the following key factors:

1) A proper eating plan that puts your body in a calorie deficit (you’re consuming fewer calories than you burn each day)

… this nutrition plan also has to be simple, packed with nutrient-dense foods, and actually sustainable over the long-run.

2) You need proper sleep. Sleep regulates all your major hunger, energy, and metabolism hormones.

3) Proper exercise/movement. This is where learning how to combine cardio and strength training for weight loss comes into play.

Now, when we’re talking about exercise here’s why BOTH cardio and strength training are important (Cardio vs. Weight Training Benefits):

• High-Intensity Interval Training Cardio (HIIT) – this will help boost your metabolism using short, intense workouts.

• Steady State Cardio – (e.g., briskly walking on the treadmill on a slight incline) – this will help burn calories and can help you actively recover from your other workouts.

• Strength Training – this will help build muscle, preserve muscle while dieting, burn calories, AND increase your metabolism after training.

Because each of these different types of training is important, we want to combine them into a well-rounded plan.

Here’s how to combine cardio and strength training for weight loss results:

• Priority #1: Schedule 1-3 days of strength training per week. This is the foundation of your weight loss exercise plan.

• Priority #2: Schedule 1-3 days of HIIT. Remember, HIIT is taxing on both your nervous system and muscles so it may be hard to do on days following strength training. That’s why it’s good to make sure that you balance your rest days with HIIT and strength training. Listen to your body.

• Priority #3: Schedule 1-3 days of low-intensity steady-state cardio. This type of cardio is easier on your body than HIIT and can actually help you recover from your workouts.

Remember: above all – you cannot “out-exercise” a bad diet. If you are struggling with a healthy eating plan, fix that first.

We hope this helps you understand how to combine cardio and weights for weight loss and the differences between cardio vs. weight training for fat loss.

Go forth and kick some butt with your weight loss goals!

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  1. Cardio got my first 30 lbs off then I plateaued. Switched to weight training, cut cardio except for walking, and bulked 5lbs eating 2200 calories a day. Now cutting with diet and cardio and light weights and high reps. I was the stubborn fat type, now it's back to melting off and my composition is beautiful 😍❤️ protein focused and plant based. Cut sugar for the most part because I wanted to focus on body burning the last bit of fat off my body. Goal : 22% bf

  2. Hi! I love this video! I also climb two days per week and done another for aerial yoga, how I cam combine three days of weight training and two days of cardio and one day of HIIT? Thank you so much!

  3. Iam am a 50 year old fit male. I do full body workoutsstrengh trainning 3x a week M,W and F and I do functional trainning/hitt 2x a week. Is this good or not really? Iam just found it for aesthetics, just to look good, stay tone etc..not really to get stronger but that can be a plus. You mentioned that if iam doing full body workouts 3x a week I should not do hitt the next day

  4. I struggle with eating enough and sleep because nerve pain kicks my tail in the middle of the night, I don’t know how to consume 3 meals or 1800 to 2200 cal per day and plus get in all that water…I get full so fast. Your body is never the same after a SCI.

  5. I just watched the video today since im wondering if im doing the right stuff….so yoy really cant like mix cardio & weights/strength train in a day? Like day1 certain portion + cardio. .

  6. Wrong: steady-state cardio is as taxing on your muscles and the heart as high-intensity intervals. In fact, a steady-state exercise puts more stress on the heart as it's prolonged.

  7. Is every kind of steady state cardio low intensity? For example, 60 minutes on a rowing machine with 25 +-2 strokes a minute?

  8. I'm skinny fat and on bulking phase with minimal calorie surplus. Is it advisable to do cardio to lose belly fat? I'm literally confused. Thanks in advance

  9. Hello ik this is a very old video but i would be happy if u or anyone with good knowledge of this can reply to this
    My current routine is:
    Sun/Tue/Thurs: circuit with strength building workouts not full body just specific regions(arms, back, legs)

    Monday/Wednesday: skipping rope for 20/30s mins at 130+ reps/min plus abs/chest.
    So i think i do strength training 5 days for different regions? Is this a good routine? I also have 2 days of rest.

  10. On M/W/F I do 4 Cardios exercise+ 3 hanging exercise + 4 upper abs and on T/Th/Sat I do compound strength training. Is is okay?

  11. Now I'm confused.
    You have individuals who say: stop doing cardio. I know because, I see them advertise all the time.
    When I would work out back in the day, no less than a 30 minute jog on the tread mill. hour pumping weights. That's the way I did it.

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