Best Way To Lose Weight

How To Gain Muscle AND Lose Fat At The Same Time (REAL TRUTH)

How To Gain Muscle AND Lose Fat At The Same Time (REAL TRUTH)

How To Gain Muscle AND Lose Fat At The Same Time (REAL TRUTH)

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Is it possible to “recomposition” and lose fat and build muscle at the same time? The answer is yes, but a body recomp will usually only occur to a significant degree in select scenarios. In this video I explain who specifically can build muscle and lose fat simultaneously with the most success, as well as how to go about it. You’ll find quite a few videos on YouTube that outline a specific recomposition workout or recomp diet plan you need to follow, but these programs are often based on certain misconceptions that can send people down the wrong path. So, if you want to gain muscle and burn fat at the same time, make sure to watch this bodybuilding video lesson all the way through as the process is actually quite simple.

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  2. Remember , be patience this isn’t a mission, it’s a lifestyle, building muscle / burn fat isn’t a day/night thing.
    Don’t fall on the dark side of the gym 💪

  3. T3, Cardarine, Sr9009, low carb, moderate fat, lots of nutrients, and a dry AAS/compound. This dude is the sly liver king.

  4. I've never been happier to see that being a really overweight beginner is a good thing. I'm 3 months in to training 6 days a week with progressive overload and a healthy diet with lots of protein, really enjoying it and have lost about 15kg and so happy to hear that what I have been doing is correct and I'm on the right track. Good luck to anyone who needed to hear this video and begins their successful journey 🙂 Try airfryer chicken wings I could live of those fuckers.

  5. Does anobody know the track about 4th minute? I would really appriciate an answer.
    Great video btw.

  6. If you showed the two thumbnail photos to women and you’ll find that most of them prefer the Before photo.

  7. there is no such thing as a shortcut of "losing fat while building muscles" untill u ask someone who just happens to have an overpriced app for just that ^^ – All influencers

  8. Listen to Sean all new year new me people. Stick to what this guy says and do what he says and you will get there. I was 430LBS super obese at age 18 last may and started just busting my ass and now I’m down around 111lbs. You can do it. Don’t be one of the new years people who quits. Be the one who stays with it. Just think, If you quit, the people you always see at the gym every time you go but don’t talk too will secretly be sad that one of their regulars isn’t there lol

  9. Too many information. To lose fat and gain muscle you just need to exercise and lift consistently. Do not complicate things. People are just impatient to see fast result.

  10. I got a question.
    I'm new to lifting weights and don't really have time to go to the gym. so I bought some weights and do them daily at home.
    my question is, do I perform the same exercise sets consecutively or do I perform different exercises in bw to maximise muscle growth?
    for example 8 reps of biceps curls, and then 8 reps of triceps exercise. repeat
    or do 2 sets of biscep curls and then do the triceps?

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