Best Way To Lose Weight

How To Lose Pandemic Weight

How To Lose Pandemic Weight

How To Lose Pandemic Weight

Last year I put on a lot of weight during the pandemic. Here’s how I lost that pandemic weight and my challenge with balancing wine and health.

DISCLAIMER: I’m not your doctor, please seek professional advice before starting a weight loss program.

00:00 Intro
00:31 Weight problem & wine life
01:40 Disclaimer
01:49 Winning the mind battle to attain weight loss
03:40 Intermittent fasting & fasting – my secret weapon
06:16 Move your body
07:12 Understanding the COVID weight loss roller coaster
08:04 Enjoy the journey, you can lose weight and get healthier too

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  1. Hey Matthew! Congrats on loosing weight! I was also on 107 kg when I've had enough. And yesterday I broke below 100 for the first time in years! And it's all down to intermittent fasting and 24 hour fasts now and then (I also skipped a lot of carbs in the last 3 months). Skipping breakfast was the easiest thing for me, eating low or almost no carbs on some days is not that hard either. The only thing I have to add is more movement, I have to start running again so maybe I needed a motivation from you. I would love to go down to 90 kg but already 7-8 kg less is a huge improvement on how I feel! Stay safe!

  2. Another great video. Im doing walks around the vineyard while we are in lockdown here in NZ. I have been luckly enough to still work so keeping my mental health ok but It is so hard when you are a foodie. I think im going to try fasting in the next couple of months but hard not to have a beer through summer. Thanks again

  3. You read my mind with this video. Turning 37 soon, have a 4 year old and 2 year old along with covid and wine life, my fitness has dropped tremendously. I was the soccer college player who was never not fit. Thank you for making this video helping with balance

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