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How to lose weight only by Walk | 20 Tips by GunjanShouts

How to lose weight only by Walk | 20 Tips by GunjanShouts

How to lose weight only by Walk | 20 Tips by GunjanShouts

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Can we lose weight just by Walking?
You will find the right answer and some very interesting tips to maximise the benefits from your daily walk.

– How much should you walk?
– How to choose the right shoe?
– What is the right posture?
– How to track your walking steps?
– What to have before and after your walk?
– What is the best time to go out for a walk?
and many more…….

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  1. 1 mahine me belly fat khatm kese kare mera wait 5 kg hi Kam huwa h pr meko jldi belly fat htana h plzz help me and plzz reply fast

  2. Losing weight only by walk.. But what u eat affects that too.. I feel like if u control ur mouth in what u eat.. Ull lose weight.. Thats the hard partt

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