Best Way To Lose Weight

How to lose weight when you have a chronic illness

How to lose weight when you have a chronic illness

How to lose weight when you have a chronic illness

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  1. My before picture on the left is actually my after CFS photo. The photo on the right is me now but actually looks more like I did before I was hit with CFS in 2004. I balooned up 75 pounds when CFS took away my ability to exercise. The fatigue made it difficult to shop and cook properly too. The keto diet and intermittent fasting has gotten me back to my pre illness weight. Eating like my ancient ancestors has done more to help my CFS than any other therapy, hands down. Humans require zero carbs, zero, none, nada, period!

  2. A big takeaway here is dieting causes stress. And if you have ME/CFS you don't want to be stressed. Eating healthy foods is important to nourish your body but allowing yourself foods you REALLY enjoy like like cake and chocolate in moderation is also important otherwise you'll be driving up that stress again.

  3. I found this really helpful as I have gained weight and I feel my body is holding onto it due toy CFS. Thanks for this!

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